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Greatest Victories in Pittsburgh Steelers’ History

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One of the most iconic photos of Super Bowl XIV is of Terry Bradshaw departing from the field. He turns to the crowd of cheering Pittsburgh fans and raises his hand with a ‘number 1’ gesture.

The Steelers defeated the Rams in the Super Bowl and celebrated their fourth title in 6 seasons. Sports pundits deemed this as the most outstanding team of the decade, and Bradshaw was the quarterback.

The quarterback was an icon at the time. He was the only quarterback in NFL history with 4 Super Bowl wins, a two-time MVP, a former league MVP, and has won the Bert Bell Award. If the game was to be replayed, we could bet that plenty of NFL odds lovers would back Bradshaw to lead his team to victory again.

Still, this experienced athlete had an unmistakable look of amazement on his face as he looked up at the host of Steelers fans. Indeed, Bradshaw experienced the gushing power of the moment and the thousands of fans before him. Steelers history was made that night, and it was simply unbelievable.

These moments make us troop to the stadiums or to our television sets to watch games. These moments turn all of us into kids, and if you have been a Steelers fan, you should have had similar moments of joy. 

Below, we will share the top 4 most incredible Pittsburgh wins in Steelers history. You might have even experienced them firsthand. 

Which Wins are the Steelers’ Greatest Victories?

Steelers 35 vs. Cowboys 31 January 1979 Super Bowl XIII

In the 1979 Super Bowl XIII, played on January 21, the Steelers defeated the Cowboys 35–31. It is not just because it was an exciting game that many consider the biggest win in franchise history. Of all the teams that rivalled the Steelers in the 1970s, the Cowboys were the only ones qualified to call themselves The Team of the Decade. 

In all but one year, Dallas was in the playoffs from 1970 to 1979. The Cowboys won five NFC titles and two Super Bowls during this period. It was the climax of a decade of Steelers’ excellence that they defeated the Cowboys in Super Bowl XIII.

Steelers 16 vs. Vikings 6 January 1975 Super Bowl IX

On January 12th, 1975 Super Bowl IX, Fran Tarkenton fumbled the Vikings’ football into the end zone during the second quarter. Dwight White of the Steelers jumped on Tarkenton after he recovered to score the first safety in Super Bowl history. After that, the Steelers’ defense dominated the low-scoring game.

Steelers 27 vs. Cardinals 23 February 2009 Super Bowl XLIII

On February 1, 2009, Super Bowl XLIII, the moment of the match could have been Holmes’ touchdown catch, but there was a better option. The Cardinals possessed the ball on the Steelers’ two-yard line with 18 seconds left before halftime and were in a position to score. But at the goal line, Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner was intercepted by Steelers defender James Harrison, who then sprinted to the other side of the field.

As a group of Steelers cleared the path for Harrison, bodies flew. One hundred yards later, Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston of the Cardinals caught up with him. Just as time ran out, the group of players smashed into the end zone for a Steelers touchdown.

Steelers 21 vs. Cowboys 17 January 1976 Super Bowl X

On January 18, 1976, in Super Bowl X, with 3:31 remaining in the game, Terry Bradshaw found Lynn Swann for a 64-yard touchdown throw, giving Pittsburgh the victory. This completed Swann’s MVP-caliber effort, during which he amassed 161 yards and made the most daring catches in NFL history.

In our opinion, these are some of the most incredible wins our beloved Steelers have experienced in their NFL history. Where were you there when these matches were played? If not, we would recommend you re-watch the games. Thanks for reading!

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