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Brandon Flowers to Steelers a Longshot

by Steelbydesign

Brandon+Flowers+bo2uL6kslq7mSince being cut by the Chiefs in a cap-saving move, Brandon Flowers has been discussed by plenty of Steelers fans as a welcomed addition to the team.

Until yesterday it was just speculation. However, now Jason La Canfora has reported the Steelers are one of several teams to keep an eye on.

Typically you could dismiss something like that right off the bat with “not enough cap room.”

However, the Steelers have signed all of their rookies and still have about 6 million dollars in cap space.

Signing Flowers still feels unlikely to me for several reasons.

Any time I hear as many as 10 teams are interested in a player, that means leverage for the player, which means more money, which means the Steelers are likely out.

Schematically I like Flowers on the Steelers defense because he’s not afraid to get physical, and it was said he was the best tackler on a very strong Chiefs defense.

Flowers doesn’t fit the typical Steelers corner mold though, being very short and not very long. Honestly he looks like a very good slot corner. I also¬†wonder where he fits on the depth chart.

I expect Cortez Allen to get an extension before the end of camp. This is likely Ike Taylor’s farewell tour. That leaves the veteran William Gay, and newcomer Antwon Blake who the Steelers supposedly have a lot of faith in.

After them is rookie draft pick Shaquille Richardson who’s certainly not a lock to make the team, but you wouldn’t want to cut cheap, untapped talent so early.

Maybe they carry 6 corners with Flowers, which would then give a strong 1-2 punch at cornerback for the future with Allen and Flowers…

The Steelers historically haven’t ever placed much value in cornerbacks though.

They prefer to put their money in pass rushers and cross their fingers on the back end. That’s exactly why you saw them pass on Darquenze Dennard in last month’s draft.

Flowers is certainly a guy that could help this team, but there’s some issues with where does he fit in. If he were to sign with the Steelers I could see a 1 year deal, to potentially raise his stock to where it once was and try to cash in next season when free agency begins.


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