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Antonio Brown Gets An Advance On 2017 Salary

by Ben Anderson

The Steelers have advanced Antonio Brown 4 million dollars from his scheduled 2017 salary. They did something similar last year, advancing him 2 million dollars from his scheduled 2016 salary.

The two-million-dollar advance from last season likely played a role in negotiations for the advance this year. That is to say that Rosenhaus began negotiations from the previously-scheduled 8.25 million dollar salary.

Brown’s total compensation in 2016 will be 10.25 million dollars. What that means is in the last 2 years, Brown has managed to renegotiate an additional 6 million dollars in total compensation increases.

What’s come out of this?

  • Brown’s total 2016 compensation has gone from 6.25 million to 10.25 million.
  • Brown’s salary cap hit for 2016 has been decreased by $487,000. While his scheduled 2017 salary cap hit has gone up by the same amount.
  • The team has promised Antonio that they will give him a new contract prior to next season.

But, does this really mean Drew Rosenhaus accomplished the seemingly impossible?  Convincing the Steelers to award new money during an existing contract? Maybe, maybe not.

It depends on what happens in 2017. If Brown’s 2017 signing bonus or future salaries are reduced by a total of 6 million dollars, then all he accomplished was getting Antonio an advance.

At the end of the day though, if AB is happy with his deal, Steelers Nation is happy too.

Photo Credit: pittsburghsportingnews.com

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