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Timmons Continues to be a Constant for the Steelers

by Steeldad

When his career is over, Lawrence Timmons likely won’t be mentioned first, second, third or even sixth or seventh among the great linebackers in Steelers’ history but I’m guessing that would be OK with him.

Timmons doesn’t do anything flashy or over-the-top like other linebackers that have worn the black and gold but what he does do is play. More often than not he plays hard and he plays well.

Last night was just another example of the ‘Law Dog’ doing his job with little to no fanfare as he collected 12 tackles, a sack and had two tackles for loss. Eleven of his 12 tackles were solos. Now in his eighth season in Pittsburgh, Timmons has been a staple of the 3-4 defense missing just two games over his first seven plus seasons.

Timmons isn’t perfect. He will miss tackles at times and he will get beat in coverage too but he always seems to bounce back and make plays. He will no doubt take some serious ribbing from his teammates as he was caught on national television vomiting after taking a kick to the stomach last night.


Timmons has played in two Super Bowls and earned his ring in Super Bowl XLIII but has yet to make a pro bowl. Whether or not that ever happens shouldn’t matter in the minds and hearts of Steelers’ fans. True fans understand the job of Timmons to be the leader and vocal captain of the defense and that is never easy in the Dick LeBeau system.

Folks in Pittsburgh have come to appreciate Timmons’ demeanor and style of play and last night proved once again how valuable he is to the Steelers team and defense.

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