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Do It For Ryan: Steelers-Bengals Tweetcap

by Ian

The Steelers went into Cincinnati on Monday night and clashed with the Bengals in an ugly display of what I guess amounts to football. The Steelers got the victory but it was overshadowed by a scary moment in the first quarter when Ryan Shazier was carted off the field after making a tackle. All thoughts and prayers are with Ryan and the Shazier family. After that, it was hard to stay invested in the game, and the reactions were similar across the twittersphere (with the exception of Bengals fans).

The pregame festivities featured Mr. October’s terrible phrasing and a Pittsburgh icon giving her final sign-off.

The Steelers got the ball first and showed everyone AB’s toe was okay

Unfortunately it ended quickly when Ben threw a pick and Burfict flopped after he initiated with Bell.

To make matters worse, Shazier got hurt on a tackle.

It’s tough to get into the game after a gruesome injury like that. But the Steelers held the Bengals to a field goal and kept grinding.

The Steelers gave up a touchdown to AJ Green, but it was still hard to care about anything other than Shazier.

The Bengals drove down the field and scored again before halftime. Another AJ Green touchdown.

The Steelers finally found some life with a screen pass to Le’Veon Bell and a pass interference call on AB to get them into field goal range.

The Steelers did make one halftime adjustment, benching Coty Sensabaugh in favor of rookie Cam Sutton

The Steelers came out and started working their way down the field.

On a quintessential Bengals play, Ben checked down to Le’Veon who scampered down the sidelines and got pushed by one Bengal but never went out of bounds. The defense all stopped and Bell walked into the end zone.

The Bengals struck back by converting a 3rd and 16 after a touchdown was called back on a hold.

The Steelers were able to hold to a field goal.

The refs gave the Bengals a make-up call for the holding that nullified the Green touchdown by throwing a flag on a Martavis Bryant kick return that nullified a 96-yarder.

Tomlin tried to challenge an AJ Green catch that may have been a catch and a fumble, but no one knows what a catch is, so it stayed as an incomplete pass.

The defense held, but guess what? More flags.

The Steelers got out of the shadow of their own goalposts and faced a 4th and short at the 40. Tomlin went for it and Le’Veon ran over Dre Kirkpatrick.

The defense stepped up and got their first sack of the game with Vince Williams blowing through the line.

The Steelers held to a punt but guess what? Another holding penalty.

The Steelers got the ball with 80 yards between them and a tie game and got a gift to start.

JuJu solidified his position as everyone’s favorite Steeler.

The Steelers got into the red zone and converted a third down. On the next play, Ben hit AB in the back of the end zone for the game-tying score.

The defense came up HUGE with a third down sack by Dupree and Tuitt on a 3-man rush.

A mediocre punt gave the Steelers the ball at their own 40 and Bell got across midfield at the two minute warning.

Boswell came on and DRILLED a field goal FOR THE WIN.

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