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Several Takeaways From Kevin Colbert’s Combine Presser

by Steeldad

As he usually does, Pittsburgh Steelers’ General Manager Kevin Colbert held a press conference from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis today. While he’s never been one to be the most entertaining interview, Colbert laid out a couple of interesting thoughts today.

Colbert on… Big Ben

Let’s be honest, Colbert wasn’t exactly going to openly display Ben Roethlisberger’s medical records for all to see but what he did say was intriguing. Colbert seems to be generally optimistic about Big Ben’s upcoming season. Not that any of us should have expected a series of dire thoughts but Colbert’s positive and hopeful attitude towards the future Hall of Famer was refreshing. “I think he could be better than any of us expect. He’s had a year without wear and tear on his body so if the elbow continues to heal positively we feel good about the season he can have.” I’m paraphrasing but that’s the gist of what Colbert had to say.

Between his excitable optimism and the team’s commitment to Mason Rudolph I see no reason to think they’ll bring in a veteran quarterback or even draft one at this point. I never say “never” however.

Colbert on… The Running Backs

I got the distinct impression that Colbert and the team are depending on James Conner in 2020. While he was complimentary of Benny Snell, Colbert often mentioned Conner “returning to his 2018 form.”

While I appreciate his thoughts here, I’m not sure I’m as hopeful and confident as he is. Conner is a more than capable running back but his track record of health isn’t good. I’ll be surprised if they don’t select a running back in this draft.

Colbert on… The Garrett-Rudolph Thing

Coach Tomlin said everything in his interview on ESPN that we wish to convey about the issue.” Done.

Colbert on… AB

Colbert made it very clear that the Steelers’ organization communicates with people in contact with Antonio Brown routinely. He was also abundantly clear that this is about Brown as a person, not a player.

It was very evident they have no plans to ever bring Brown back to Pittsburgh as an active player.

Colbert on… The Tag

Using the Franchise Tag on Bud Dupree is definitely an option. He made very clear that when the Steelers use it the idea is to sign the player to a long-term deal.

That may sound obvious but some teams will use the tag to just get one more year out of a player before moving on. I remain of the opinion (sans new CBA getting done) that the Steelers will not be able to keep Dupree. We may have our answer regardless on Thursday when teams can officially place the tag.

Colbert on… Urgency

Now that’s a word I’m choosing to use myself but it’s one Colbert alluded to when he said that he’s “he’s coming off two straight non-playoff seasons.” If you think for a minute that even guys like him don’t feel the pressure to keep up the standard then I don’t know what to tell you.

All in all, it was good stuff from Colbert without him really saying too much. That’s always a good thing in my book.

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