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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Too Good to be JuJu” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Tuesday to you Steelers’ Fans.

Do you ever see a story or a tweet or a blurb on JuJu Smith-Schuster and think “this kid is just too good to be true?” I admit that sometimes I get that feeling. I see him interacting with fans in a mall or painting walls in a retirement center and he does it all with a small on his face and that cute little dog by his side. Perhaps I’m worried that I’ve seen this before and it didn’t turn out well. Perhaps I’m worried that Antonio Brown, who once seemed so likable and loved by Steeler Nation, that nothing he did could be seen as ‘wrong.’ But look where he is and where we are now since January. I fear the same fate may exist for JuJu but then I look at things closer. While no one questioned Brown’s dedication to his craft or his work ethic, there were always questions about his non-football persona. Hosting autograph sessions where he would show up hours late and then leave early or skip out altogether on weekly radio appearances were just two of the things that come to mind. To this point, I’ve heard or seen none of this from JuJu. Maybe when that second contract, loaded with riches, comes around will he finally turn into the diva wide receiver so many become. But then I stop and think again more deeply and I can’t help but believe this young man is different. There is something about him that breaks the mold of the stereotypical primadonna and I’m confident that he will stay true to who he is. There will be challenges of course. Those always come with increased fame, wealth and demands on your time don’t they? After the AB mess we need ‘Good JuJu’ both on the field and off and I believe that’s what we’re going to get.

Tweet of the Day… Wise words from the Big Ragu.

For all of the talk about Devin Bush, and rightfully so, Justin Layne is easily the most discussed of the Steelers’ Draft picks. It’s interesting because the Steelers appear to be pretty set at the boundary corner position with Joe Haden and Steve Nelson. Layne himself is clearly a boundary guy so the question is “how does he get on the field defensively?” Here’s the deal. Mike Hilton is currently an Exclusive Rights Free Agent meaning the Steelers own his rights. At the time of this writing Hilton has yet to sign his offer sheet in hopes of getting a long-term deal. Hilton is doing the right things at the moment by attending OTAs and letting his professionalism speak for itself. But… If Hilton doesn’t sign Layne shows up well as many expect him to do, Nelson could slide into the nickel corner spot where he has experience leaving Layne and Haden on the boundaries. There are several dominoes that have to fall here but I think it’s worth mentioning in light of the attention Layne is getting nationally.

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day across the country. Many times we often recall the poor teachers we had in our scholastic careers before we think of those that made an impact. Ya, there are poor teachers out there believe it or not but there are a helluva lot more good ones. Please take a moment to reflect on those that may have simply just made your day better by saying ‘hello’ in the hallway one day.

July is normally the “dead period” when it comes to the Steelers and the NFL. This period ranks a very close second…

Have a great day Steeler Nation!

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