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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The ‘Slim Chance’ Edition

by Steeldad

Good Tuesday to you Steelers fans.

The loss on Sunday to Baltimore dropped the Pittsburgh Steelers to 5-8 and has made the chances of a postseason berth extremely slim. Obviously you won’t hear Mike Tomlin say anything about it. He’s a ‘one week at a time’ kind of coach and you definitely won’t hear him say anything about is streak of non-losing seasons. He’s never mentioned it and won’t. It’s the media that discusses it, not him. In 2021, the Steelers entered the final week of the season with relatively small chances of getting into the postseason but with their overtime win over Baltimore and other games breaking the right way, the Steelers made it. This season faces even greater odds especially considering all four games must be won. I would never suggest a Steelers’ team couldn’t do it, because they can, but should we expect it? Probably not.

Tomlin Tuesday

Tomlin will meet with the gathered press today at Noon and no doubt the biggest question will be about Kenny Pickett’s status for Sunday in Carolina. This is Pickett’s second concussion this season so my gut tells me he won’t be available this week. The other major topic I expect to be addressed will be the defense. Tomlin may still be picking his starting D out of the Acrisure Stadium turf.

Tweet of the Day… This is a fair question.

In Fairness to Boswell

Chris Boswell returned to action Sunday and while it’s fair to ask why the trajectory of his blocked field goal was so low we must always consider who blocked it. Calais Campbell is 6’8″ tall and that was his 11th career blocked kick. You cannot coach height folks. Bos did go 2 for 2 on his PATs but he also should have had more field goal opportunities were it not for the three interceptions.

Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

This is not the 1970’s and this is not Notre Dame. If Kenny Pickett cannot play Sunday in Carolina due to his concussion then Mason Rudolph will dress for the first time this season. For those of you clamoring for him to get the start, I don’t see it happening. That doesn’t mean he won’t play because if Mitchell Trubisky starts throwing INTs again the chances of Rudy seeing the field increase considerably. As for starting I just can’t imagine it. He’s had such little time in practice… But he does have experience so maybe that won’t be as big of an issue but I still don’t see Tomlin going to him.


Considering how bad Mitchell Trubisky’s three interceptions were, maybe Tomlin does go to Rudy… The amount of people coming to the defense of Trubisky is laughable. He threw three, really bad interceptions. His final one was a mistake a high school QB is taught no to make for crying out loud. His first two were in fact nice plays by the Ravens’ LBs but they were easily read as Trubisky stared down his receivers both times. This isn’t to say he didn’t make some good throws Sunday because he did, but the turnovers were inexcusable.


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