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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “San Fran Failure” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Day to you Steelers’ fans.

Our Black and Gold wake to a bit of good news today. They’ll play division rival Cincinnati in Primetime this coming weekend and both teams are 0-3!! That’s where the good news ends. The Steelers remained winless with a 24-20 loss to San Francisco despite turning the 49ers over five times on the afternoon. As it turned out those turnovers were the story. The Steelers could only muster two field goals off of them. Meanwhile, San Fran turned over the Steelers twice and those led to 14 points. Game. Set. Match. In case you missed it, these were my thoughts after the game last night.

Playing Not to Lose

All week we were told how confident the team and coaches were in Mason Rudolph. They didn’t view him as a typical backup because of all the snaps he has taken in practice and the preseason. If those things were true then Randy Fichtner sure didn’t show it. The play calling in the first half looked to me like it was designed to keep Rudolph from making any big mistakes. That doesn’t exactly yell “confidence” to me.

Tweet of the Day… My man never fails to say what he believes.

Offensive Thoughts…

-That doesn’t sound right but it could apply I suppose…

-This team misses Mike Munchak. The offensive line is getting little push and cannot set the edge well enough to consistently get guys outside. Part of that is the lack of tight end depth and you know how I feel about that especially after Vance McDonald left the game. The Steelers have played three pretty good defenses to start the year but they have to be better and start dominating games like the offensive line we are used to seeing.

-James Conner is running out of time. He cannot consistently stay healthy and his late turnover is unfortunately something we’ve seen before from him. I think he’s a wonderful young man and I’m incredibly happy for him but right now I wouldn’t bring him back as the starter when his contract is up.

-The offense desperately needs a number two wide receiver to step up. It’s the only way JuJu Smith-Schuster is going to be able to be consistently effective right now.

-Mason Rudolph was handcuffed yesterday by a gameplan that wouldn’t allow him to use his strengths. So many short routes and throws early. Have to let him throw the ball downfield. I’d rather go down doing what he does best than with this ‘death by a thousand cuts’ crap.

Defensive Thoughts…

-Mark Barron has been a major disappointment. He was supposed to be a linebacker who could cover backs and tight ends and so far he’s been unable to do that. He’s also missing way too many tackles.

-The defensive line depth has been a hidden concern all year. Both Cam Heyward and Stephon Tuitt are wearing down late in games. Yesterday was a perfect example as the 49ers found success running the ball.

-I really thought Terrell Edmunds was going to turn the corner this year but so far I am wrong. He seems to go for a tackle when he should go for the ball and he seems to go for the ball when he should make the tackle. I just don’t understand it.

-I think Minkah Fitzpatrick made a huge difference, obviously, yesterday but there are still too many receivers running freely in the Steelers secondary.

-T.J. Watt should be headed to the Pro Bowl this year. If he isn’t there needs to be an investigation.

-Devin Bush again led the team in tackles while making some mistakes along the way too. What I like is that he makes his mistakes going full speed. I’ll take that all day, every day.

In Closing…

-I will not be surprised if changes are made in-season. This organization has already broken from traditional routine by trading up for Bush and then trading a first rounder mid-season for Fitzpatrick. Both the offense and defense are a mess and while the season isn’t yet lost, it’s getting close.

-The Steelers have lost to three teams with a combined record of 8-1. That’s a damn tough start to the season and therefore Monday night will be a referendum. If they can’t take those experiences and beat an 0-3 Bengals’ team then this season will truly be headed for even greater disaster.

Keep your heads up Steeler Nation!

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bob graff September 23, 2019 - 1:44 pm

I say a lot of critical stuff but there is some good. Tuitt is playing like a beast but he needs a break from time to time. If your a CB and no one talks about you that’s a very good thing Steve Nelson. I wish we had two T.J.’s and Bush has a load of potential. Ju Ju really needs a partner but he’s doing fairly well. And Mike Pouncey is quietly playing well.

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