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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “It Looks Daunting” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Monday to you Steelers fans.

If you watched any pro football action this weekend then you probably were left with your head in your hands wondering how in the hell the Steelers were going to compete with some of these team on their schedule. For starters, there’s Baltimore who using using a fourth-string tackle yet still hung 37 points on the Patriots… IN NEW ENGLAND! We struggled to score 14 against them. Then there’s Buffalo and Miami. Those two had an absolute slug-fest in South Florida before the Dolphins came away with a 21-19 victory… We have the Indianapolis Colts, who last week were shutout by Jacksonville, beating previously unbeaten Kansas City. Oh and then there’s Atlanta who went all the way to Seattle, arguably the toughest place to play at in the league,  and won! This incredibly daunting news is only slightly softened by the fact that the New York Jets, who come to Pittsburgh this week, looked awful against the Bengals. Carolina and New Orleans looked pedestrian and even the Buccaneers looked shaky. Make no mistake… We will win a few that we shouldn’t and lose a few that we shouldn’t but either way this schedule looks more brutal than even I anticipated.

After Three Weeks…

If you’re keeping track of the AFC North Standings after three weeks you’ll find that Baltimore and Cleveland sit at 2-1 while the Bengals and Steelers are 1-2. The Ravens are only a fourth quarter implosion against Miami from being 3-0 and that’s why they continue to be my favorites to win the division.

Tweet of the Day… Gotta have something to look forward to right?

Two Things I Can Tell You

You aren’t going to like this, but here are two things I can tell you with utmost honesty. First, Matt Canada isn’t getting fired. Secondly, Kenny Pickett isn’t starting this week and likely won’t play either. The Steelers don’t fire coaches in mid-season. Let’s say things actually got worse (is it possible you ask) then I can see Canada being stripped of certain duties. Even if that occurs we’ll never know about it. As for Pickett, we’ve been targeting the Saints game after the BYE week as his first start but even that’s a stretch. I truly believe that Mike Tomlin does not want to play him this year which I believe is a mistake.

The O-Line

You probably won’t believe it but the Steelers’ offensive line played better last week. The rushing attack was better and the pass protection has been far worse in recent memory. This is not in any way an endorsement of their overall play but the tape doesn’t lie, they were better last week.

So Long Pro Bowl

The NFL announced this morning that the Pro Bowl is no more. It will now be replaced by some sort of ‘Skills Competition.’ Players hate the Pro Bowl. The game itself is a joke. It isn’t taken seriously and most guys don’t even want to be there. I’m also guessing most guys won’t want to do the skills competition either.

Bouncing Back

I’ve been as critical of Devin Bush as anyone but I also have no problem handing out praise when necessary too. Since the regular season started, he’s been more aggressive and much more willing to throw himself around then any other time since his ACL injury. He’s not where he needs to be, but he’s doing much better than I thought he would be this year.


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