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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Gamesmanship” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Thursday to you Steelers fans,

Nothing brings out the gamesmanship quite like the NFL Playoffs. Perhaps more specifically, no one brings it out quite like the coaches and star players. As the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs prepare to meet Sunday night, both sides are getting off their salvos of this tried and true routine. For his part, Chiefs’ Head Coach Andy Reid said the Steelers were “playing a number one seed.” Umm, what? This team needed every single thing to go its way on Sunday to even make the playoffs. I’m surprised Reid didn’t say something along the lines of “They are ’85 Bears, but better!” But Reid wasn’t alone because also playing the ‘gamesmanship’ card was Ben Roethlisberger who told the assembled media that “we don’t have a chance.” He would later say the Steelers will “go out and have fun” citing the fact there’s no pressure since they’re supposed to lose. Trust me when I say that both men are playing a game that they enjoy and that media and fans alike continue to eat up. I’m sure you’ll see more of it as the week goes on.

The Podcast

The playoff edition of the SCB Steelers Podcast presented by DEK Roofing Inc will record tonight. As of right now I expect to be joined by Ellie, Ben and Ian so it should be another good show. We’ll discuss the win in Baltimore… how everything transpired in just the right way to make the playoffs… Do the Steelers have a chance Sunday night… What has to happen for a victory… What are we drinking and so much more!

Tweet of the Day… This is the kind of energy we need.

From the Training Room


RB Najee Harris (Elbow) – DNP
QB Ben Roethlisberger (Pectoral/Right Shoulder) – Limited
DB Arthur Maulet (Concussion) – Limited
T Dan Moore Jr. (Ankle) – Full


RB Darrel Williams (Toe) – Limited
RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire (Shoulder) – Limited
T Orlando Brown (Calf) – Full
LB Willie Gay (Wrist) – Full
WR Tyreek Hill (Heel) – Full
TE Travis Kelce (Hip) – Full
S Tyrann Mathieu (Knee) – Full
CB L’Jarius Sneed (Knee) – Full
OL Andrew Wylie (Glute) – Full

Injury notes: Outside of their running backs, the Chiefs are very healthy for this time of year… Najee Harris is clearly the number one concern here for the Steelers. If he can’t go they have ZERO chance. I do not expect that he will be 100% but I expect him to play regardless… Dan Moore being a full participant is huge and unexpected. We’ll see how he feels today before making any predictions about his game status.

Not Gonna Happen for Watt

It appears the NFL will not be changing the scoring for T.J. Watt. His first half ‘sack’ of Tyler Huntley was called an “aborted play” which is still the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of in my football life… I fail to see how that was any different than a QB who is RUNNING towards the boundary and steps out short of the line of scrimmage. The closest defender is credited with a sack. The NFL claimed initially that Huntley had no intention of passing and became a RUNNER. So what in the hell is the difference???? I have many other things I should be upset about but this really pisses me off.

Praise for 56

While Andy Reid was making us sound like the 70’s era Steelers yesterday he also mentioned a few players. Alex Highsmith was one he specifically mentioned and I think that speaks volumes for this young man. Not only is proving more and more to be a pass rushing threat but his ability to set the edge against the run has been terrific. If a guy like Andy Reid notices you then you must be doing something right!

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