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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Combine Notes” Edition

by Steeldad
Chase Claypool of the Steelers. Steelcityblitz.com

Good Friday to you Steelers fans.

Yesterday in Indy was a big day for quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends. Speed was the name of the game as several receivers ran sub 4.4 forty yard dashes. Pitt QB Kenny Pickett ran a very impressive 4.67 and Cincinnati QB Desmond Ridder ran a 4.52. Liberty QB Malik Willis didn’t run the forty but probably elevated his draft status with a strong showing throwing the ball. The accuracy concerns are still there and will need to be improved but there were a lot of things to like from him. Pickett also did well throwing the ball as he continues to answer questions about his small hands. Measuring in at 8.5″ means he would have the smallest hands of any QB in pro football. Skyy Moore of Western Michigan had one of the best days as a receiver showing some speed and excellent route running and ball skills. Only Chris Olave of OSU had a better showing which was expected. The Steelers met with all of the top quarterbacks this week and may have more meetings with them as well.

The Podcast

We recorded episode 258 of the SCB Steelers Podcast presented by DEK Roofing Inc last night. Our major focus was the defensive side of the ball as we went position by position to break down who stays, who goes, where improvement is needed and so. We also discussed a few other topical items and plenty of time for adult beverages too!

Tweet(s) of the Day… Can’t have just one during the Combine.

He might be right.

Free Agency vs the Draft

One of the things that makes predicting what the Steelers will do in the draft is that we don’t yet know what they will do in free agency. Right now, I’d suggest they’ll draft an OL, a DL, a WR, a LB or two and a DB or two. Certainly QB is part of that equation too but if the Steelers sign several DBs in free agency then that means they are less likely to draft those positions. In other words, until we see what happens in free agency, the Draft is an absolute crap shoot.


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Did you happen to notice that Cam Heyward has been making a lot of media appearances recently? From the Pat McAfee Show to spending time on the NFL Network set this week, he is certainly making himself visible. My guess is that he’s setting himself up for his post-playing career much in the way that Ryan Clark did. My issue with Clark was that his play seemed to really drop off while he made more and more media appearances. I don’t see that happening with Cam. At least I hope not.

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