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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The ‘Christmas in May’ Edition

by Steeldad
Najee Harris of the Steelers. steelcityblitz.com

Good Thursday to you Steelers fans.

The National Football League will reveal its’ entire 2023 schedule tonight in what has become a moment not unlike Christmas for many. Fans already know who their favorite team is playing and where but they do not know the when and that’s a very big piece of information. Steelers’ fans see today as a springboard of sorts towards the actual season in itself. Many fans like to travel to an away game or two and they’ll be able to start planning the minute the schedule drops. Other fans may make the pilgrimage to Pittsburgh once a season and they too can start the preparatory stages of getting a hotel and purchasing tickets. Sadly, the NFL struggles to keep secrets. It has already let several game days and times out of the bag and they’ll continue to do so throughout the day on Thursday. Clearly there is a method behind their madness but I’m not a fan of it. I’d prefer they release the entirety of the schedule at the same time. Perhaps they feel that’s too much for fans to process all at once. As I do every year, I launched my “Steelers Schedule Prediction” earlier this week. Chances are that I may get one or two right but that’s about it. It’s an exercise in futility but what the hell? Maybe I’ll nail one year! Either way, enjoy today Steelers’ fans!

UPDATE: The NFL has announced that the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs will open the season in the traditional Thursday night slot by hosting the Detroit Lions.


It was a bit surprising yesterday when the Steelers announced they had released nickel cornerback Arthur Maulet. Mark Kaboly tweeted that Maulet was actually not under contract but that was inaccurate. In 2022, he signed a two-year deal. So why was he released? According to a couple of our sources Maulet wanted more money and the Steelers were interested in paying him more money. During the Draft, the Steelers signed Chandon Sullivan. He most recently played nickel CB for the Minnesota Vikings. Personally, I looked at that move as “bringing in competition for Maulet” and nothing more. It seems fairly obvious however that the Steelers are comfortable moving forward without Maulet. When Mike Hilton left via free agency Maulet became the primary slot CB. While not nearly as effective as Hilton, Maulet did have some ability against the run while being ‘so-so’ versus the pass. There is the possibility that Teryl Austin and Mike Tomlin have other plans for the position altogether. Could Patrick Peterson slide down there in certain packages? What about Levi Wallace doing the same? All this said, it was obvious the Steelers felt Maulet was going to be a hostage rather than a volunteer.

Tweet of the Day… Arthur’s “goodbye” message.

The Podcast

The SCB Steelers Podcast presented by DEK Roofing Inc of South Florida airs tonight at 10:05pmET. We’ll break down the Steelers’ schedule, discuss our thoughts on Arthur Maulet’s release and the direction of the position, plus a whole lot more. We’ll be LIVE on YouTube and you can catch audio recordings as soon as they’re available as well.


Najee Harris became the second Steelers’ running back to appear in professional wrestling when he appeared in Mexican Pro Wrestling wear a traditional Lucha mask. D’Angelo Williams also took to the squared circle. Thankfully we can report that Najee is perfectly healthy.

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