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SCB 2019 WPIAL Football Player Spotlight: Tanner Queen, Norwin

by Brentaro

Tanner Queen will be a senior in the fall at Norwin High School. Norwin did not make it to the WPIAL playoffs in 2018; but Tanner is hoping to get Norwin back in the playoffs in 2019. This will be Tanner’s fourth year of playing high school football at Norwin. Check out all of our WPIAL previews to get ready for the 2019 season and our 6A Quad County Conference Preview to see how Norwin stacks up against their competition.

Player Profile

Name: Tanner Queen

School: Norwin

Position: Cornerback, Safety, Wide Receiver, and Running Back

Class: 2020

Highlights: Full Hudl Profile

Questions & Answers

What are the expectations for Norwin’s football team in 2019?

Tanner Queen: “I expect us to bounce back to a playoff team once again.”

Last year, one of your teammates was Jayvon Thrift. It’s great that he will be playing football at the University of West Virginia in the fall. Tell me what it was like playing with him.

TQ: “Last year, he was an idol to most of us players on the team. We always had our eyes on him waiting for him to make a huge play. He’s a great friend and athlete.”

Lately, the media has been covering Jack Salopek a lot. He was named on the 2019 Trib HSSN Preseason Football All-Star team. Tell me about your relationship with your quarterback.

TQ: “Jack is a pretty close friend of mine, which makes things even better for on-field chemistry. He’s knows I’d do anything to keep him protected and I can always trust him with what he’s doing.”

On offense, you’ve been known as a great blocker down the field. On defense, you’ve been known good for tackling low. What are some things that you do to get yourself in “football shape”?

TQ: “I always make sure I’m mentally prepared for what’s coming such as knowing all the plays, coverages, all the reads, and scenarios in which something could go wrong in a play. To me, football is more a mental game than a physical game. I always focus on technique every rep because I know I’m not the biggest on the field; but if I know if I can perfect the way I do something, then I can’t be stopped.”

You will be a senior in the fall. Are you excited to start your last year of high school?

TQ: “Yes, I’m very excited yet I’m going to miss it a lot. I’ve been having a good time making lots of friends and saying goodbye to the past seniors.”

Are there any colleges that you are interested in playing college football at?

TQ: “Seton Hill would be my top interest. I’m also very interested in Notre Dame of Ohio and Cincinnati Christian University.”

Before your senior year of high school begins, what is one more thing that you want to do or get done this summer?

TQ: “At the end of summer, we have a pep rally in which the team chooses captains for the season, and I’m hoping I become a captain.”

If you could meet any famous person in the world, who would it be? And, why?

TQ: “Keanu Reeves because I love his movies and he’s such an outgoing guy.”

Tell us something that people would be surprised to know about you.

TQ: “My whole family is into Motocross and so am I.”

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