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Division Games Mean More Than Ever for Steelers

by Steelbydesign

With the release of the NFL schedule on Tuesday night, Steelers fans got to see in black and white what many of us already realized; it’s going to be a tough road back to the playoffs for the Steelers in 2015.

If you haven’t seen the schedule yet, or even if you have, grab the Steel City Blitz schedule desktop wallpaper to here to keep yourself informed all season long.

It’s been well publicized at this point that the Steelers hold the toughest strength of schedule in the league based on last year’s results. Keep in mind though, the Bengals sit at the 2nd toughest, and the Ravens at 11th.

Nobody in the AFC North is going to have an easy road this season. While I think the teams are better, I think that the north could look much like the NFC South did in 2014. Maybe 8-8 doesn’t win the division, but I think there’s a very good chance 9-6 does.

One thing I’m fairly confident in saying, is that the wildcard will not come out of the Steelers’ division. That means the one way to make the postseason is to win the division again.

For that reason, division matchups become huge. Not that they aren’t always important, but in a season where wins may be hard to come by for Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Baltimore it’s even bigger.

If 9 wins gets you in the playoffs, you could be almost there just by going 6-0 within the division… Easier said than done.

On the flip side of that, while I hate to talk in absolutes so early on; with the Ravens getting the Jaguars and Dolphins where the Steelers getting the Patriots and Colts, the Steelers almost have to at least split with their rivals. Getting swept by Baltimore would put them in a massive hole at getting to the post-season.

While matchups this season with teams like the Seahawks and Cardinals will get lots of attention, in the grand scheme they don’t mean much.

The (potentially) good news is that if the Steelers survive the brutal stretch they have in the regular season, they’ll be ready to go in January. No team they’d see in the post-season would feel too big after playing essentially every contender in the league during the regular season.

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Donald April 22, 2015 - 1:01 pm

This schedule will make it easier for the cream to rise to the top!

Vittorio Di Stazio April 22, 2015 - 7:14 pm

Well I hope every Steeler fans is happy with the Schedule cause I’m not. I didn’t want the Pats on opening night but you stupid fans insist on the Steelers facing right out of the gate. Do you foolish fans remember the last time the Steelers faced Brady. 55 points, 610 yards of Offense. That’s when Worilds, Polamalu, Kiesel and Ryan Clark and Jarvis Jones were still there. Now almost 2 years later you idiotic fans think the Steelers can beat the Pats in Foxborough on Sept.10. Can the Steelers Defense Rush the Passer: No, Can the Steelers D create Turnovers: No, Can the Steelers D get off the field when it matters the most against Brady: Absolutely Positively 1000% No Way it can or will happen. So tell me in what way can the Steelers beat Tom Brady without embarrassing there young Defense? The way I see it you Steeler fans are to blind and oblivious to see what will happen on Sept.10 or you don’t care casue you want to be right. I mean every single word I say. Watch as 2 things happen: 1.Steelers get blown out and 2.They will miss the playoffs and if you don’t believe me I have recent history on my side: 2012 and 2013. The Steelers lost the 1st game of the season and finished 8-8 both years and did not make the playoffs and yes I know they started out 0-1 in 2011 and ended up 10-6 but the lost to Tim Tebow in the wildcard round of the playoffs. So I want you Steeler fans to explain to me how are the Steelers supposed to win without having there young D get utterly humiliated on National TV. Oh and here is something you fans should take into consideration: Most points Steelers put up on the Pats when Brady was at QB 34 points that was Ben’s rookie year. Most Points Brady has put up against the Steelers D is 55 and that almost 2 years ago in November of 2013. So tell me how are the Steelers supposed to win?

steelbydesign April 22, 2015 - 7:16 pm

Umm… Who exactly are you talking to?

I haven’t heard from 1 single fan that’s excited about facing NE week 1. Also, Steelers fans didn’t make the schedule.

Vittorio Di Stazio April 22, 2015 - 8:46 pm

Really cause I have found many Steeler fans who not only like this matchup on Sept.10 but also 100% believe that they will beat the Pats. So you’ll have to excuse me if I’m not excited for a blowout that everyone should see coming from 10 miles away. Watch this team not only lose to the Pats but also miss the playoffs for the 3rd time in 4 years.

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