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Criticizing Tomlin is Not the Same as Wanting Him Fired

by Steeldad

For some reason in our ‘social media driven’ and ‘one size fits all’ society we’ve lost track of being able to criticize someone without also calling for their head on a stake. In the 24 hours since the Pittsburgh Steelers’ embarrassing loss to Jacksonville there has been no shortage of blame laid on the hands of Mike Tomlin. I am not in any way telling you that you should not be angry with Tomlin because you should, but firing him right now is not the answer.

Tomlin and his coaching staff deserve your anger today. The team was not strategically prepared and of all of the teams playing at home the last two weeks in the postseason, the Steelers came out flatter than any of them. Being prepared as a pro football player is not what being prepared is when you’re in high school or college. It is not the coach’s duty to “motivate you.” That part is on you. Where Tomlin and company failed was game-planning and that is 100% on them and it was evident from the first snap to the last.

The Jaguars’ coaching staff pushed all the right buttons (on offense especially) and completely out-coached Tomlin’s band of merry men. These things happen but they should not happen at home and when you have more talent than your opposition.

Tomlin has always been a poor manager of game situations and that was again on display Sunday. From the onside kick which couldn’t have been more poorly executed to not kicking the field goal in order to save time and give yourself a chance with another onside kick with under a minute to go. We keep waiting for these things to get better but they don’t.

When you look at the career numbers of Mike Tomlin in the regular season you see a more than respectable winning percentage of .659. His playoff record however has now stumbled to 8-7 or a percentage of just .533. “But some teams would kill to have these problems!” Please. This excuse needs to stop. As one former Steeler once said, “I don’t do participation trophies” which to me, AFC North titles and above .500 records are.

That’s where Tomlin is headed. He’s becoming the 1990’s Atlanta Braves of football. Win one title, have tons of talent but just can’t seem to get over the hump and win another. I take no solace in writing that but it’s true.

As you can see, everything I’ve written above is “criticizing Tomlin.” Nowhere however, do you see me calling for his termination. These things can be done together… What I believe is that Tomlin must be allowed to hire his own offensive and defensive coordinators. Both Todd Haley and Keith Butler have done what they could and it’s time for change. Should Tomlin be given that opportunity, then we can start the clock on his tenure as head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. If those didn’t work out it would be entirely on him.

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Hap January 16, 2018 - 1:23 am

Tomlin is a terrible coach. You have James Harrison. Your telling me he is not good enough to dress. He starts for N E. every one in the media complained about Troy. Sure he was getting old. How about Mitchell? He sucks. Plus he runs his mouth. Ben takes all the blame. I don’t see any of the loud mouths on the team taking any blame. All year our defense was horrible. It’s really a shame. It’s time for a change. Players are running the ship. Tomlin is a cheerleader. Sorry but he and the coordinators really get out coached by teams of lesser talent

steeldad January 16, 2018 - 1:07 pm

If a guy like Alejandro Villanueva, as he said yesterday, thinks Tomlin is a good coach and good leader then I’m paying attention to that. To be fair, Tomlin has been extremely disappointing since getting to the Super Bowl in the 2010 season and part of that may be that his coordinators have been picked for him. I say give him a chance to choose his own and if he can’t get back to the Super Bowl in two years then by all means show him the door.

Thomas January 16, 2018 - 6:59 am

basically you are completely right by saying now is not the time for Tomlin to be fired that time was 4 or 5 years ago. Now we are just going down in flames year after year with this coaching staff. The Nation wants something different. Stop telling me there are no other options. Stop telling me the regurgitated excuses. It is PAST time!

bob graff January 16, 2018 - 10:58 pm

Yes both readers are correct Tomlin and his staff were OUT-COACHED again and it wasn’t close. We have great players paired with a inferior coaching staff. And then we hear off in the distance “thank-you sir may i have another” You know who would be great for this team , either Harbaugh. You know who can’t take this team to the next level? Tomlin BTW look for Harrison and Blount to meet in the Superbowl. shows you what we know.

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