Now that the NFL Draft is behind us, there isn’t much in terms of exciting football news that will happen until teams hit training camp in mid-July. One of the new additions to Steel City Blitz this season will be coverage of the new season of Battlebots. This will be the third season of the revamped Battlebots show. The original show was a staple of late night Comedy Central programming in the early 2000s but was cancelled because of legal disagreements over licensing after 5 seasons. In 2015, it was resurrected by ABC and ran for two seasons. Now it has been picked up by the Discovery Channel and the Science Channel for a 2018 run.

We will have full coverage of the new season, which begins on FRIDAY, MAY 11 at 8pm. In preparation for the new season, here’s a look back at 10 of the best fights from the Comedy Central era of the show.




10. Hazard vs T-Minus

Season 5 Middleweight Semi-Finals

This wasn’t so much a “great” match as it was “historic.” Hazard was undefeated and the winner of 3 Giant Nuts in the middleweight division, recording 12 KO’s along the way. Season 5 had already seen perennial Lightweight Champion Ziggo go down when his wheels got shredded, and the undefeated Hazard was the next to fall.

9. The Judge vs No Apologies

Season 5 Superheavyweight

This was one of the more under-rated rivalries in the Battlebots circuit. The Judge bested No Apologies in Season 3 before the revenge match in Season 5. Both bots featured a similar design with pneumatic hammers that delivered a powerful blow to the top of their opponent. Their Season 5 rematch was a back-and-forth affair that ended with one bot on fire.

8. Hazard vs Complete Control

Season 4 Middleweight Finals

Unlike some of the ones higher on the list, this wasn’t a “close” match by any means. Hazard was seeking his third Giant Nut and just ripped the Canadian bot to shreds. The great thing about fighting robots is the utter carnage, and this match was full of it.

7. Mechavore vs Vlad the Impaler

Season 3 Heavyweight

Vlad was one of the most dominant bots on the heavyweight circuit. Mechavore was a rookie in Season 3 with a spinning blade that absolutely tore his opponents apart. There’s some great carnage in this one.

6. Ziggo vs The Big B

Season 4 Lightweight Finals

Ziggo spent most of his time doing things like this and just totally wrecking other bots. The only bot in Season 4 he did not KO was The Big B in the title bout, which went back and forth. While The Big B took some serious damage from Ziggo, he was relentless in his attack and just kept pursuing.

5. Vladiator vs Diesector

Season 5 Superheavyweight Final

This was the second meeting between the two, who were arguably the best two bots in the top division. This was a great back and forth match with a Giant Nut on the line.

4. Son of Whyachi vs BioHazard

Season 4 Heavyweight Final

The fact that I still get angry about this match probably means that I was way too invested in the results of robot fighting competitions when I was 15 years old. Son of Whyachi reached the finals in the Heavyweight division because of a classification rule that allowed “walking” robots a weight exemption. Whyachi otherwise would have been a Superheavyweight and reached the finals thanks to the most devastating hit in Battlebots history against Nightmare and a bizarre KO against MechaVore where MechaVore seemed to have incapacitated Whyachi but then mysteriously stopped working. Does that sound familiar? Almost the exact same thing happened in this Championship match with BioHazard and BioHazard was counted out despite still being mobile. Maybe I’m just a Whyachi Truther, but something was fishy here.

3. Toro vs Vladiator

Season 4 Superheavyweight


2. Vladiator vs Diesector

Season 3 Superheavyweight Semi-Finals

This was the first of two meetings between these bots and it was one for the ages. Back and forth all match with a somewhat surprising result at the end.

1. BioHazard vs Vlad the Impaler

Season 2 Heavyweight Finals

Vlad was the defending champion and had not been taken off his wheels all season. BioHazard ended that quickly. Also, they BROKE A PULVERIZER. This is pretty much the Ali-Frazier of Battlebots matches.