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Five NFL Players Who Love to Gamble

by SCB 2019

The National Football League is primarily well-known in the United States. However, everyone outside of America has heard of it and is at least somewhat familiar with the league’s players and games. There is no doubt about the intimate connection between American football and online gambling. The existence of both physical and online gambling sites simply increased sports’ appeal and the industry’s revenue.

Here, we’re not just discussing classic table games or slot machines; we’re also looking at wagering on sports, baccarat, and all kinds of gambling. Many well-known players choose to gamble with their friends on the weekends and during the off-season or, if they have the time, go to prominent gambling cities like Vegas.

According to Kim Pascoe, an online gambling expert, many well-known American football players participate in casino gaming but have been forced to hide their love for gambling due to media and fans’ scrutiny. But now, they can enjoy the excitement of online gambling while retaining their privacy in the convenience of their own homes (or any other location), among other advantages. While most NFL players prefer to invest in jewelry, vehicles, or real estate, they also engage in playing top paying online casino games for real money.

But we can’t blame them now, can we? After all, gambling has been thrilling for hundreds of years. It can also be enriching if you get particularly adept at it. It’s hardly surprising that some NFL players enjoy gambling because it’s an enjoyable and stress-relieving hobby. Five NFL athletes that are well-known for their passion for gambling are listed below.

  1. John Elway

Our first athlete of interest is John Elway. He is a well-known quarterback who keeps winning in the Super Bowl, naturally making everyone curious about him and his activities. Although he is known to bet on other activities, such as golf, John prefers to gamble on poker and horse racing.

One intriguing claim is that he has placed numerous bets directly on NFL games, which, as we all know, players are not permitted to do. He is, therefore, one of the most famous athletes who often gamble online and spends weekends in Las Vegas. 

  1. Michael Vick

Adding to our list of well-known names is Michael Vick, a legend who succeeded in the Super Bowl just as much as he did playing casino games online. Michael’s career started while still in high school and culminated in playing and winning Super Bowl contests.

Now that he has achieved success, everyone applauds his abilities. He enjoys gambling and wagering on games, though. It’s fair to say that his gambling career has garnered almost as much attention as his football career.

  1. Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning’s remarkable performance as a quarterback throughout his 18-season career earned him the moniker “The Sheriff.” However, Manning enjoys playing casino games when he’s not setting records. As you can see from this article, most of the other players choose to stick with a particular sport or fun.

Still, according to rumors, Manning enjoys practically all of the modern casino games. He is especially a vast poker lover and has participated in numerous tournaments worldwide. His passion for football and his love for gaming has helped him gain respect in the online casino and NFL communities.

  1. Michael Strahan

Michael resolved not to wallow in sadness after his sporting career ended and discovered a new interest. He’s been spotted severally playing poker, roulette, and slots in Las Vegas, although internet gambling is currently his favorite.

Michael Strahan stated in one of his interviews that he detests criticism for engaging in gambling. Moreover, he is tired of fame, and being in a community of online casino players gives him a high degree of freedom.

  1. Tom Brady

Star quarterback Tom Brady loves to gamble! This athlete is well-known to almost everyone due to his incredible scoring prowess and several championships. He is well renowned for being a professional gambler in addition to his prowess on the football field.

Additionally, Brady enjoys online gaming, especially playing poker, as he is skilled at it. It is not shocking, given that poker and football require much concentration and effort. He celebrated his birthdays frequently in Las Vegas, surrounded by booze and enormous bets, and he loves online casinos New Zealand as much as he loves his casinos in Louisiana.


You shouldn’t be shocked if you hear an NFL player gambling since they are people like us who enjoy having fun, and gambling has long been one of man’s favorite past times. That feeling of adrenaline they get from running on the field and hearing fans chant their names is almost impossible to get over. They need extra activities to get them pumped up and feel alive.

Gambling is a decent substitute for that. When placing wagers on video slots, roulette, or poker, athletes experience intense feelings of happiness and delight from their victories. This is why all the NFL players mentioned above and others like them now frequent online casinos.


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