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SCB Steelers’ Rookie Forecast for 2016

Being the avid reader and internet surfer that I am, I stumbled upon a very interesting article by I am going to take the backbone and concept of his article by him and put my own twist on it. … read more

Steelers Offseason

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Bell’s Appeal Has Little Chance Of Succeeding

Earlier today, by way of an Instagram comment, Le’Veon Bell made the case that he will be exonerated in the allegation of missed drug tests. “I am not going to miss games, trust me. I’m gonna win the appeal…ppl have … read more

Quick Hitters

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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters for 7/28/16

Thursday is here and this is no ordinary Thursday for the Steelers. The veterans are enjoying their last day of “freedom” before camp while the rookies are now being “indoctrinated.” Yesterday we fired off pieces on the offensive line and … read more

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Steelers Could Send a Message by Extending Antonio Brown

I found it a little bit strange that there was a report yesterday that Antonio Brown would not be holding out, and was expecting to get a new deal done in training camp. I found it strange, because reporters don’t … read more

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SCB Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

Hello All, my name is Chris Nicolaou, also known as Cnic in the football community. I am the newest addition to the excellent staff here at Steel City Blitz. I will be leading the brand new fantasy football category that … read more

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SCB Steelers’ Fan Podcast for 7/13/16

The Steel City Blitz Steelers’ Fan Podcast presented by BodyTech Gym in North Hills Pittsburgh is back on the airwaves! Matt and I got together last night to shake off the rust in preparation for the season. In this edition … read more