2015 Off-Season


Taylor Got the Most of Everything He Could for the Steelers

You’d think a cornerback who played 12 seasons in the National Football League would have more than 14 career interceptions. Then again, this is Ike Taylor we are talking about and “Ike Taylor” and “interceptions” have never exactly gone together … read more

2015 NFL Draft


Narrowing Down the Steelers First Round Selection

You want to know who the Pittsburgh Steelers are drafting in the first round don’t you? Well, so do I and right now I can’t find one guy to stake my claim to although I feel like I’m getting closer. … read more

Player Spotlight


Steelers and Troy Polamalu get a Happy Ending

Jim Wexell of SteelCityInsider broke the news late Thursday that the Steelers legend Troy Polamalu had decided to retire. There have been questions since the loss the Baltimore in the 2014 playoffs if we’d all seen the last of Troy’s … read more

2014 Season

Ben sacked

Let the Drama Begin as the Steelers Hit the Offseason

It’s less than 24 hours after the Pittsburgh Steelers saw their 2014 season come to a grinding halt and frankly, it sucks. I can handle losing but this one was tough to swallow. Maybe it was because it was the … read more

Voice of the Fan

SCB Polls

SCB Voice of the Fan Poll: The Steelers and Cornerbacks in the Draft

So far in free agency, the Steelers have not struck any deals with free agent cornerbacks despite the overwhelming need. They also lost one in Brice McCain who signed with the Dolphins. Knowing that corner is a huge need and … read more

Steelers Fan Podcast

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SCB Steelers Fan Podcast – 2015 – Ike Taylor & Troy Polamalu retirement special

Welcome to this special edition of the show! Normally we try to do podcasts every other week or so during the offseason, but whenever big news breaks we’re more than happy, and downright excited, to hop back on the black … read more