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Welcome to the Steel City Blitz Biography Page. This is the crew that brings you the best opinions and analysis of the Pittsburgh Steelers! Please note there are probably an unlimited amount of fabrications in Marc’s bio.

Marc Uhlmann, Co-Creator, Owner and Lead Writer


I’ve been a fan of the Steelers since the age of 2 when I caught a glimpse of the black and gold on a television set and was instantly enamored! My goal here at SCB is to give the reader real, honest opinions of all things “Steelers.” I believe there are many great sources of Steelers’ news out there but I’ve always felt that many aren’t willing to be critical when it’s necessary. I hope you enjoy the content and interaction here at SCB! In my life away from the blog I’m an educator of social studies at a high school in Southwest Michigan. I’m now into my third decade of educating.

I reside in Portage, Michigan with my wife, daughter and son.


Ryan Davis, SCB Social Media Man and Contributor

ryan-bioMy name is Ryan. I’m originally from City of Latrobe but lived more of my life in Derry Borough. Currently living in Greenville, South Carolina with my family, dog Sammy, and minor league baseball team the Drive.

Right now I’m attending school at Pennsylvania State University studying Information Science and Technology. Pittsburgh Sports has always been a part of my life from attending games to visiting training camp.

I’ve attended games at Thee Rivers Stadium to cheer on the Steelers where you needed blankets it was so cold to sitting high up in the stands cheering on the Buccos. You won’t find a more Die Hard fan of the Black and Gold than right here.

You can catch me every week ranting and yelling at the TV for all Steelers, Pirates and Penguins games. A cool fact; It’s been a family tradition to drive school bus for the Pittsburgh Steelers every year at camp. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll drive.


Ben Anderson, SCB Contributor, Cap Specialist and All-Around Wise-Ass

victory_cigar_iiLifelong Steelers fan. Deep thinker who can often be found sitting in his study, which is ensconced in mahogany, smells of rich, Corinthian leather and is filled on all sides with numerous leather bound books on all manner of compelling, important subjects. He sits by the fireplace in his black and gold robe, smoking a pipe, contemplating life, and the Steelers, with a furrowed brow and takes his many social media posts very seriously.

A compassionate, altruistic man who… well, maybe that’s overstating it. Sometimes he goes out of his way to help…. well,…. he has occasional moments when…… ok, never mind that part.

Lover of dogs. His are cuter than yours. Just ask him.

Lives in Portland. Doesn’t like the hippies. Loves the Dave Matthews Band. Go figure.
Connoisseur of fine wines, or maybe it’s just ordinary bourbons. Yeah, one of those.

Loves a good cheesesteak. Eater of pizza and pierogies… and tacos, lots of tacos. Feels strongly that people who order vegetarian or vegan substitutions in restaurants should have their dish garnished with a dollop of congealed, whipped bacon grease for making the rest of us listen to someone asking “if the kitchen has a chicken flavored tofu substitute they can use instead.”

Recipient of free beer, as often as possible. He’ll never turn one down.

You can always send him your complaints via Twitter @benanderson58. Compliments are nice too, but he prefers gift cards.

Chris Nicolaou, SCB Contributor, Fantasy and Draft Guru

Lifelong fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and THE Ohio State University. I graduated from Youngstown State University (Go Guins) with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration.

I am from Ohio but recently moved to South Carolina. I am a fantasy football fanatic, which is why I am revving the fantasy football engine here at SCB. I am also an NFL Draft fanatic, in which I’ve been doing in depth self scouting for about 4 years.

Outside of SCB, I am an NFL Draft Analyst for Draft Breakdown. You can always tweet me @Cnic__ .


Taylor Lastivka, SCB Contributor and Social Media Darling

My name is Taylor Lastivka, but everyone calls me Tay. I like to think I’m the leading lady for SCB. I’ve been a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers since birth and that will never change. Black and gold runs through my veins. Catch me making wild predictions for the Steelers that almost always come true (Like Antonio Brown’s hat trick on Thanksgiving Day) My entire family, from my mom and dads side, grew up from NE Ohio to the Pittsburgh area so loving Pittsburgh sports is a tradition. I currently reside in Cincinnati, Ohio (someone has to show the Bengals what winning looks like).

I attend The Pennsylvania State University and I am going after my B.S. in Neuropsychology. I plan to graduate and hopefully attend Medical School in the future. Although I’m a psych student, my passion and love is still sports, especially those Pittsburgh Steelers. Heinz Field is my home away from home.

When I’m not talking about Steelers football, I’m cheering on the Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Penguins. Believe me, I am LOUD. I take my coffee with a heavy dose of sarcasm and although I may not be a saint, I’ve got a heart of gold.

Brian Lowry, SCB Contributor and ‘Voice of the Fan’

I have been a lifelong Steelers fan since I was born in Allegheny oh so many years ago.  Since my parents got me a plastic Steeler helmet and jersey for me and my brother to run around in.  I moved from Allegheny to Toledo, OH and then to the Chicagoland area by the time I was 11.  Despite all the moving, I am still a Steeler fan.

I went to the final game at Three Rivers Stadium with my friend who I would later marry.  I went to the first playoff game at Heinz Field as well as seen them play at Lambeau Field and Soldiers Field.  I even went to the draft in Chicago both times.  We would go to the bar together to see the Steelers play every Sunday.

I have attended Steeler games with my wife and our son as well.  Have to keep the tradition going right?  A couple years ago my son and I attended the training camp fun of the Steeler’s Friday Night Lights practice.  He loved getting all the autographs.

Outside of the Steelers, I love my family, friends, fantasy football and movies.  I have no problem quoting movies.

I loving discussing my views on football and movies as well.  My opinions may not be popular but they are mine and I own up to them for right or wrong.  Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @Spcbll_1 talk about anything or to disagree with something I wrote.

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