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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Movin’ On” Edition

by Steeldad

Good Wednesday to you Steelers’ Fans.

There has been a meeting. There has been a meeting between Antonio Brown and Steelers’ President Art Rooney II. According to Brown and his agent Drew Rosenhaus, the two sides agreed it was “time to move on.” (NOTE: The Steelers haven’t said anything yet.) This is but the first step in the divorce process. The Steelers will now start fielding calls from potential suitors but this won’t be as simple as making a trade on the latest version of ‘Madden.’ Brown wants more guaranteed money which means a team must be willing to re-work his contract. A team must also offer fair compensation and what they see as “fair” may not exactly be what the Steelers see. Kevin Colbert is no position to be desperate but as I’ve said for weeks, we are going to see just how badly the team wants to move on by what they ultimately take in a trade. Is there a chance no trade happens? Certainly there is and wouldn’t that lead to an interesting summer?

As long as I’ve been doing this I’ve discovered there are actually some disadvantages to being as “connected” as I’ve become. What I mean is this… It angers the hell out of me when national sports guys (Skip, Shannon, Mike Golic for example) comment on the AB situation without even half of the knowledge that some of us have. “It’s all Ben’s fault! The Steelers screwed this up! AB is just trying to get his money!” Ugh. I have no problem if you support Brown but just as I’ve admitted that Big Ben has faults, you have to admit the same of Brown. If you don’t know the whole story then don’t comment on it.

Tweet of the Day… I think Carole sums this up for most of us.

I profiled Michigan LB Devin Bush earlier this winter and I think he’s going to be a late first-second round guy. Believe me, I see all of the great things people talk about. The motor, the smarts, the speed and so on but in my study I couldn’t get past one thing. He’s going to struggle getting off O-linemen that come out on him. If he has a big, physical D-line in front of him that will help but far too often I saw him get caught up in the wash and be unable to get off blocks. That’s a major concern for me.

I said yesterday that I think Green Bay is a potential destination for Brown. They have multiple first round picks and perhaps a guy or two the Steelers may be interested in. Just a hunch.

Yesterday was the first day the Steelers could have slapped the Transition Tag on Le’Veon Bell. As of this writing, they have not done so yet.

Have a great day Steeler Nation!

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