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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The ‘Monday Night’ Edition

by Steeldad

Good Gameday to you Steelers fans.

Tonight the Steelers will play their first and only Monday Night Football game of the 2022 season. They’ll head to Indianapolis where they’ve had a lot of good fortune in the years they’ve played the Colts there. In case you missed it, here’s my game preview. The rest of the AFC North was quite interesting yesterday. Baltimore blew yet another lead in falling to the Jaguars on a two-point conversion with :12 remaining. Cincinnati won again in Tennessee by four with the game ultimately decided on a Bengals’ field goal that was good but a Titans’ defensive player was flagged for hitting the long snapper. Cincy took the points off the board and Joe Burrow kneeled out the clock. And in Cleveland, the Browns won late in overtime over Tampa Bay in what is likely Jacoby Brissett’s final game as the starter. Sunday’s action leaves Baltimore and Cincinnati tied at the top at 7-4 (BAL has the tie-breaker with a win over CIN) and the Browns moved to 4-7. What does it all mean for the Steelers? Not that it should surprise you but if they have any hopes of getting into the postseason they’ll need to win at least six of their final seven. Impossible? Nope. Unlikely? Yup.

Did You Miss Last Week’s Podcast?

We did a Thanksgiving Eve episode of the SCB Steelers Podcast presented by DEK Roofing Inc and it was filled with strong opinions, adult beverages and plenty of laughs.

Tweet of the Day… I realize Dale has to toe the company line but this tweet is way off base. What is he basing this on? C.J. Stroud had a bad game against Michigan so he isn’t better than Kenny Pickett? Bryce Young lost twice this season so he isn’t better than Kenny Pickett? Regardless of my or anyone else’s feelings on Pickett the 2023 QB Draft Class is far superior to last year’s. It’s a fact.

Around the North

Some idiot fan of the Ravens tweeted at Lamar Jackson after yesterday’s loss blaming Jackson. Jackson fired back in a not so polite way and honestly I couldn’t blame him. Jackson’s huge third down throw to DeSean Jackson set up the Ravens go ahead score and subsequent two-point conversion. If this “fan” wanted to be mad at someone it should have been the defense who blew yet another fourth quarter lead in 2022… I hate to say it but the Bengals are playing really well and they didn’t even have Ja’Marr Chase or Joe Mixon yesterday in Tennessee. I think they are vulnerable defensively and we’ll get a strong indication of that this week as they play the Chiefs… Brissett has played surprisingly well as the team waits for Deshaun Watson’s suspension to end. I don’t know that his arrival will get the Browns into the postseason but their issues have primarily been defensive this year. Ironically enough, the Browns face Houston in Watson’s return game.


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