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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Death and Taxes” Edition

by Steeldad
Diontae Johnson of the Steelers. steelcityblitz.com

Good Tuesday to you Steelers fans.

They say there are two constants in life, death and taxes. I’d like to add a third to this equation. “Fan overreaction” would be my immediate entry. Like death and taxes, every single year at this time fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers overreact to everyone the team signs or doesn’t sign. It’s as common as birds returning from their winter migration. You know and I know that no matter what Kevin Colbert and the Steelers do (or don’t do) is going to get a massive reaction from the faithful and yesterday was no different. The first shoe to drop was their intention of signing QB Mitchell Trubisky. The second was keeping Chuks Okorafor in the fold for close to $10 million per season and the third was the signing of Mason Cole, a versatile and durable reserve lineman. Perhaps it’s my old age that keeps me grounded… I definitely come away from this with mixed emotions. I like the signing of Trubisky. Of all of the free agent options he offers the best in terms of value and ‘fit’ for Matt Canada’s offense. I believe he is a bridge to the next true QB but if he plays well, then better for all of us. I do not understand the fascination with Chuks. He is a solid pass protector but there’s nothing about his run blocking that excites me. He’s beaten at the point of attack way too often and is not nearly aggressive enough in my opinion. Considering the money they spent here it’s clear to me they view him as the starter. Mason is exactly the type of guy they love on the offensive line. He is versatile having starts at both center and guard during his four years and he is durable missing just five games in four seasons. The Steelers are never going to be the 1990’s Washington Redskins where they sign every big name free agent. If that’s what you were expecting then you need to think again.

Tweet of the Day… The HC turns 50 years young today.

On the Docket

I am hopeful that the Steelers will make some progress with Ahkello Witherspoon on a new deal today and I’m really hopeful that they can bring in Bobby Wagner as well. The longer both go without signing here in Pittsburgh tells me the chances become smaller and smaller. Both guys are sorely needed on this defense. The guy that may be more likely at LB is Jordan Hicks and I’d be OK with that.

Ching Ching

That’s the sound Diontae Johnson just heard… With Christian Kirk getting $18 million per season from the Jacksonville Jaguars I have to believe Johnson and his agent will feel very much like he deserves that. I can’t say I blame them either. Kirk is a nice receiver but that number is way too high. I just hope it doesn’t price Johnson out of Pittsburgh.


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