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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The ‘Coaching Carousel’ Edition

by Steeldad

Good Tuesday to You Steelers Fans.

We already know about the high profile position of Offensive Coordinator now being in the hands of Arthur Smith but what you may have missed is that some other openings on the Steelers’ Coaching Staff have been created as well. Two of the notable ones are Frisman Jackson, the wide receivers coach and David Corley the Assistant QB Coach. Back to those spots in a second… Still on the staff are Eddie Faulkner as Running Backs Coach, Pat Meyer as O-Line Coach and Mike Sullivan as QB Coach. Sullivan was told that if he were to get an offer to be an offensive coordinator somewhere he’d be able to do that. It appears that won’t happen so he’ll likely be back as will Faulkner. Meyer is the interesting one to me because typically a new OC wants to have someone who best fits their style as the OL Coach. Perhaps Smith and Mike Tomlin feel Meyer is that guy, but I wasn’t overly impressed with Meyer last season especially in regards to pass protection. While the run game was consistently improving, the starting five seemed to regress in their abilities to protect the passer. I thought maybe an upgrade was coming here but it doesn’t look that way. As for Jackson, I truly believe that Tomlin recognizes the need for a ‘Richard Mann or Daryl Drake’ type in the WR Room. I do not believe Hines Ward will be the guy so I’m sorry to those who believe that will occur. Ad Corley is a guy that needs to be replaced. With one of the smallest staffs in pro football, the Steelers need more bodies around their vital positions and I’ll be shocked if they don’t bring in someone.

Brazil Bound?

You can bet I had some thoughts on the possibility of the Steelers opening the season in Brazil against the Philadelphia Eagles. Roger Goodell announced yesterday that the Eagles would play their week one “home” game on a Friday in Sao Paulo and the Steelers are set to play in Philly this year.

The Latest Podcast

In case you missed it the latest episode of the SCB Steelers Podcast presented by DEK Roofing Inc is available for your listening or viewing pleasure. You may get a kick out of Ian’s daughter who was up past her bed time and made several appearances.

Ron Cook

Long-time Pittsburgh radio sports personality Ron Cook announced his retirement yesterday. The few times I interacted with him were fine. I know he was very divisive at times for many Yinzers. Best wishes to him.

Draft Nuggets

If you forced me to tell you the first two selections made by the Steelers in the 2024 Draft I would immediately say Offensive Tackle and Center. But… I wouldn’t rule out Defensive Lineman. I say this simply because of Cam Heyward’s age, Larry Ogunjobi’s contract and the overall need for my players there… It used to be that the Steelers would ALWAYS draft an EDGE rusher but now it feels more like they will ALWAYS draft a cornerback. I say this because the team is relatively good at the OLB spot and you can never have enough corners… There are some really nice slot WR options in this draft. I like Calvin Austin III but he doesn’t block well and I need my slot guy to be a first down machine.

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