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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The ‘Bottom of the Barrel’ Edition

by Steeldad

Good Tuesday to you Steelers fans.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, after eight weeks of the 2022 NFL season, find themselves at the bottom of the barrel in the AFC North. After the Cleveland Browns’ convincing win over the Cincinnati Bengals last night the Steelers are officially in last place at 2-6. First of all, kudos to the Browns for shutting down Joe Burrow and the Bengals. Most talking heads thought Cincy was starting to hit their stride but apparently not. The leaves them at 4-4 and the win takes Cleveland to 3-5. The Steelers will now have to remain in the cellar for another week as they begin their BYE week festivities after practice tomorrow.

Ravens Making Moves

Baltimore traded a second round and a fifth round pick to Chicago for LB Roquan Smith who will be a free agent at year’s end. That’s a bit of a steep price for a guy you may just be renting for the rest of the season. With a potentially massive deal waiting for Lamar Jackson, I’m not sure the Ravens will be able to retain Smith. If they can’t, they’ll still get a third round comp pick out of it.

Tweet of the Day…Dane is 100% correct.


Deadline Day

I don’t anticipate any moves coming from Omar Khan today in regards to the trade deadline. The Steelers are already without several third day draft picks so I don’t see them trading for anyone. In terms of moving someone out, they would have to be given an offer they couldn’t refuse. Chase Claypool for example… If someone offers a second? I’m doing it. Less than that? No.

Copycat League

No sport has more copycats than football. When coaches see something that works for one team they immediately assume it will work for them. This is not always the case as the personnel does matter. I’ll say this however, the Steelers saw what happens when you throw deep against one-on-one coverage this past weekend. Yes, A.J. Brown is a great talent but shouldn’t the Steelers be doing this a couple of times a game with George Pickens? If you aren’t going to trust Kenny Pickett to make these throws then he shouldn’t be playing.

This is a Fair Question

Mike Tomlin benched Tyson Alualu. He also benched Ahkello Witherspoon. Clearly they were replaced because they weren’t getting the job done. So if Jaylen Warren is more successful running the ball than is Najee Harris why isn’t he getting the reps? You can say all you want to about the fault being here or there or “the situations are different” but at the end of the day the NFL is about results and I’m not sure how much longer Tomlin can continue to hide behind what everyone already sees.


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