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2020 NCAA Tournament Bracketology

Bracketology is both the art and the science of looking at the resumes of 70+ teams and deciding which teams should be “in” and “out” of the field, not based on what I think, but based on the historical trends of the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee. Predicting what the Committee will do is often a difficult venture but that’s the fun and the challenge. I’ll be updating my bracket projection at least once a week from here until Selection Sunday and including some analytical posts delving deeper into the science of Bracketology.

For starters, check out the Bracketology 101 post to give some baseline for how the Committee develops the bracket.

Here is my latest bracket projection of the 2019-2020 College Basketball Season. Once again, I will be taking part in The Bracket Matrix‘s annual bracket competition where I am ranked in the Top 75 in the nation.

(Current conference leaders are presumed as conference champions and appear in bold.)

Bracket Date: 2/24

Bracket Projection

South Region

St Louis, MO
1. Baylor vs 16. Prairie View A&M/NC A&T
8. St Mary’s vs 9. Virginia

Sacramento, CA
4. Creighton vs 13. North Texas
5. Ohio St vs 12. Stephen F Austin

Tampa, FL
3. Florida St vs 14. Little Rock
6. Auburn vs 11. ETSU

Cleveland, OH
2. Maryland vs 15. Wright St
7. Marquette vs 10. Stanford

Midwest Region

Omaha, NE
1. Kansas vs 16. St. Peter’s/St Francis (PA)
8. Illinois vs 9. Houston

Omaha, NE
4. Michigan St vs 13. Akron
5. Butler vs 12. NC State/Oklahoma

Albany, NY
3. Villanova vs 14. Hofstra
6. BYU vs 11. USC

St. Louis, MO
2. Louisville vs 15. South Dakota St
7. LSU vs 10. Rutgers

West Region

Spokane, WA
1. Gonzaga vs 16. Montana
8. Wisconsin vs 9. Georgetown

Spokane, WA
4. Oregon vs 13. Belmont
5. Michigan vs 12. Northern Iowa

Tampa, FL
3. Kentucky vs 14. New Mexico St
6. Texas Tech vs 11. Wichita St/Providence

Sacramento, CA
2. San Diego St vs 15. UC-Irvine
7. Arizona vs 10. Xavier

East Region

Greensboro, NC
1. Duke vs 16. Radford
8. Arizona St vs 9. Indiana

Greensboro, NC
4. Penn State vs 13. Yale
5. West Virginia vs 12. Liberty

Albany, NY
3. Seton Hall vs 14. Vermont
6. Colorado vs 11. Utah St

Cleveland, OH
2.  Dayton  vs 15. Colgate
7. Iowa vs 10. Florida

Conference Breakdown: Big Ten – 10, Big East – 8,  Pac 12 – 5, SEC – 5,  Big XII – 5, ACC – 5, West Coast – 3, AAC – 2, Mountain West – 2

The Bubble

Last 4 Byes: Rutgers, (ETSU), Utah St, USC

Last 4 IN: Wichita St, (Northern Iowa), Providence, NC State, Oklahoma

First 4 OUT: Richmond, Rhode Island, Arkansas, UCLA

Next 5 OUT: Cincinnati, UNC-Greensboro, South Carolina, Memphis

Others Considered: Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi St, VCU, Texas, Syracuse, Oregon St, Notre Dame, St Louis, UConn

Note: The last time a team that was only 2 games over .500 received an at-large bid was 2001. Therefore, teams that were <3 games over .500 were not considered.

Teams <3 games over .500: St John’s (14-13), Purdue (14-14), Oklahoma St (14-13), Minnesota (13-13), Clemson (14-12), DePaul (13-13)