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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters

SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Silly Season” Edition

Welcome to Thursday Steelers’ Fans! The NFL Draft begins two weeks from tonight.

I have to credit Ben with the term “silly season” but I’m using it today. It’s just the right term as we enter the final weeks ahead of the Draft. Why is it so ‘right?’ Because the lies, fabrications, false truths and you name it have already begun. They started over the last couple of days with rumors about Ben Roethlisberger “demanding an new tight end” and the Browns not being sure about whether to take Myles Garrett or Mitch Trubisky with the number one pick. Oh… and I don’t buy the “Steelers love Jabrill Peppers” talk either. It’s a silly until we get to the draft. It’s just how it works.

Steelers’ cornerback Senquez Golson, who has participated in a grand total of two and a half practices in two seasons, was detainedĀ for bringing a gun to an Alabama airport yesterday. I expect him to be fined by the NFL and I also expect the Steelers to read him the riot act. Not a good look for a guy essentially on his final chance. He ultimately was not arrested according to TMZ.com but was forced to leave the gun and 23 bullets.

Former Steelers’ Scout Tom Modrak died this week. He’s probably more well-known for his days in Philadelphia where he brought in Andy Reid but he honed his skills in Pittsburgh as a top scout. The native of Pittsburgh was 74.

Tweet of the Day… We completely understand Cam.

Your Gerry Dulac Ridiculous Answer of the Week is….

Tim Worley: Steelers are taking a corner. Two best on the board are Kevin King or Desmond King? Who are you taking?

Gerry Dulac: King.

Does he find himself that funny? Or is humor what he uses to deflect from the real issue… That he doesn’t pay much attention to prospects?

The SCB Podcast returns tonight at 10pm Eastern over at spreaker.com! We’ll be discussing the quarterbacks in the 2017 Draft and whether the Steelers may choose one.

Gronk had an active role this week in WWE action. Meh, Gronk can be funny at times but the act has grown old. About as old as him torching us for touchdowns.

Have a great Thursday Steeler Nation!