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SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “ABB Dilemma” Edition

Good Thursday to you folks. 

One of the worst things about the New England Patriots being in the Super Bowl as often as they have is that we’ve gotten used to the acronym “ABB.” If you aren’t familiar with this it stands for “Anybody But Brady.” As Steelers’ fans we are selfish and protective of our former glory. Knowing that both Brady and Head Coach Bill Belichick are going for their fifth Super Bowl titles, it’s all the more important for us to preach “ABB.” Right now, they are tied with Terry Bradshaw and Chuck Noll with four titles and that makes me violently ill in and of itself. Seeing those two hoist a fifth Lombardi will likely kill me. Therefore, for the next week and a half, it’s ABB. 

Good news on the injury front. Sean Davis, who struggled at the end of the season with a shoulder injury will not need surgery.

I suspect Art Rooney II will be descending from on high in the coming days to deliver his annual ‘State of the Steelers’ address. This usually comes after or amid changes in the coaching staff so stay tuned.

As a blogger, I’ve been accused at times of ‘stealing stories’ from the Steelers’ beat writers. Number one, anything I get from them I credit them for it but by and large I do my own research and talk to my own people for the most part. What I find interesting however is when the guys who write about the Steelers write articles that look and sound very similar to ours. It happens more than you think.

Tweet of the Day… Da Beard.

Good stuff from Chris on not getting too excited about the Steelers’ cap space.

Here’s a well-thought piece on Steelers’ fans following the loss to New England from Brian.

My apologies to Mrs. McBeam. I hope she reads this.

I’m still wrapping my head around the fact we are talking ‘Draft.’ I always enjoy it but it came so damn fast. Anyway, we’ll have plenty of great stuff on all of the guys we like as well as those the Steelers are looking at too. 

Have a great Thursday Steeler Nation!

SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Good vs Evil” Edition

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