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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters

SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Tampering is OK” Edition

Good Tuesday to you Steelers’ Fans. Let’s go!

Today at Noon Eastern, teams can officially begin “tampering” with free agents. On Thursday at 4pm ET, the free agency period will actually begin. The NFL started this a couple of years ago because they knew teams were already speaking to or hearing from agents. Let me be perfectly blunt; this period itself is laughable because teams and agents have been using third parties to test the waters for several weeks now. With all of today’s modern technological conveniences, it would be very hard for this NOT to happen. So over the next 48 hours or so you’ll hear about teams and players reaching agreements. Those can’t become official until after 4pm Thursday though…

And no, I don’t expect the Steelers to be active in the first few days.

Speaking of the Steelers and free agency, I have no idea where people come up with these stories about Terrelle Pryor, Mike Glennon, Dre Kirkpatrick etc. All three of these guys are likely to sign deals for $10 million per year plus. What makes any of you think the Steelers would pay that? I don’t get it.

Tweet of the Day… Congrats to the Steelers’ Ramon Foster who is now a podcaster!

From everything I’ve been told, Martavis Bryant is on schedule to join the Steelers as soon as he’s reinstated. He is healthy, in great shape and has shown no signs of the behavior that caused him to miss a season of football. I speak for all fans when I say we want him to be clean and have a great season but I speak for myself when I say I have concerns. The recent rumors about Brandon Marshall and Terrelle Pryor have zero to do with Bryant’s situation.

I’ve also been told the Steelers are not in love with any of the EDGE rushers from the Combine. There are traits they like in several guys but there are serious concerns about those same guys too.

The defensive back depth in this draft is ridiculously good. I’ll be stunned if the Steelers don’t grab one or even two.

Have a great day Steeler Nation!