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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters

SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Linebacker” Edition

TGIF my Steelers’ friends!

We spent a lot of time talking about several linebackers last night on the SCB Podcast (which I highly endorse by the way) so I’m going to continue that here today. Obviously the talk started with Dont’a Hightower. We believe he never had any intention of leaving the Patriots and if you look at how things unfolded I believe Kevin Colbert realized what was happening. That’s why the ultimatum was issued.

Former Steeler Jarvis Jones has found a new home in Arizona and we we question his decision to go to another 3-4 team. While he’s an excellent edge-setter and run stopper, he doesn’t do what you need him to do most; get after the quarterback. He seems much more suited to being a strong-side backer in a 4-3 defense but he and his agent certainly felt differently.

Is Vince Williams automatically the guy to take over for the now departed Lawrence Timmons? As for right now, he is but he has limitations and isn’t a three-down LB anymore than Timmons was. I still think the Steelers look to free agency so they don’t have to spend an early pick on an inside linebacker.

Tweet of the Day… Former Steeler and Northwestern Alum Trai Essex was watching his Wildcats in the NCAA Tourney.

No…. The Steelers should not trade for Richard Sherman who is apparently on the market. He is scheduled to earn $11 million and does not fit schematically with what the Steelers do on defense anyway.

Like some of you I frequently use draft simulators to get an idea of how things might break for the Steelers. Disclaimer: These simulations actually mean very little but are fun to play with… Anyway, it seems increasingly likely the Steelers will have to find their edge guy at pick 30. There is so much depth at corner that they should still be able to find good value there in the second and third rounds.

Make sure you are checking out our Draft Journals. We are adding more and more players all the time!

Have a great weekend Steeler Nation!