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SCB Steelers’ Draft Journal: Raekwon McMillan

Regardless of what the Steelers do in free agency, we must do our due diligence and take a look at some inside linebackers. Raekwon McMillan is a traditional, inside backer who played on a very good Ohio State Buckeyes’ defense. Is he someone the Steelers would be interested in? Read on…

Raekwon McMillan, LB, Ohio State

6’2″ 240 pounds

Key Combine Stats: 4.61 forty, 23 reps on bench (225lbs)

2016 Stats: 102 tackles, 7 tackles for loss

What’s to Like: One of the best things you can say about a guy is “he just looks and plays like a football player” and that’s McMillan… A classic read and react guy… Diagnoses plays quickly… Downhill speed is impressive… Organized, gets guys in position… His technique is solid on blockers… Gets arms out and uses hands well… Zone coverage skills are solid; follows QB well and is capable of getting to guys as the throw arrives.

What’s Concerning: I don’t see a three-down linebacker… Ability to cover in man-to-man situations is concerning… Does not get off blocks nearly fast enough… Bigger linemen often get the better of him… Not a sideline-to-sideline type of backer… Other guys on the Ohio State defense seem to stand-out more… Rarely gets clean shots at ball carriers… Not as solid in tackling like you’d expect from a linebacker.

The Verdict: I think McMillan is a guy who could at some point be a starter in the NFL but I see no reason for the Steelers to draft him. They already have guys similar to him so I see no reason to add another. He most likely is a special teams guy to start and is probably a pretty darn good one. As I said above, he’s a “football player” and that will count for something but the limitations are too much for my liking.

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Photo courtesy: NCAA.com

Video courtesy: Draftbreakdown.com/youtube.com