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Steel City Blitz Podcast Episode 11

Tonight the Steel City Blitz Podcast dove back into the NFL Draft and we also dove back into quarterbacks and running backs. On last week’s show, we intended to spend a great deal of time talking about guys like Josh Dobbs, Patrick Mahomes and Deshone Kizer.

Because of the passing of Steelers’ Chairman Dan Rooney, we instead diverted most of our attention there and rightfully so. Enjoy tonight’s show!!!

I’d like to take one final opportunity to thank our former podcast and site partner BodyTech Gym for several years of sponsorship. We are now in the market for new sponsorship so email me at contactscblitz@gmail.com if you have interest.

Five 2017 NFL Draft ‘Hot Takes’

Steelers meeting

The NFL Draft has it’s doubters and “experts” every year. It seems this community is growing and with a growing community comes diversified opinions. The 2017 NFL Draft is no different. When such opinions become off the beaten path and/or … read more