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SCB Steelers’ Draft Journal: Nathan Peterman

I’m taking a look at my first Quarterback of the pre-draft period. Nathan Peterman of Pitt has created a lot of buzz since his collegiate season ended so let’s dig in.

Nathan Peterman, QB, Pitt

6’3″ 226 pounds

2016 Stats: 185 COMP/306 ATT 2,855 yards 27 TDs/7 INTs

What’s to Like: Peterman is a natural competitor… Doesn’t mind putting his shoulder down when forced to scramble for yardage… Very good pocket awareness; good feet and shoulder turn to avoid rush… Very good control of the offense both in normal situations and in hurry-up offense as well… Able to make something out of nothing more often than not… Height and hand size (9 7/8) are both positives… Was easily the most consistent QB at the Senior Bowl… Very good vision and can move through progressions better than most college QBs.

What’s Concerning: Accuracy is a major concern especially when he breaks from the pocket… Arm strength is decent but but longer throws across the field lack zip… Sometimes a little clumsy with the football… Decision-making is questionable at key moments (Red Zone for example)… Throws off back foot way too much… Lack arm strength really obvious when he’s rolling out… Struggles to make what should be fairly routine throws far too often.

The Verdict: When you watch Peterman play you can’t help but like him. He’s got a little bit of attitude and fire to him but not so much that it’s overbearing. He’s a guy that clearly likes to compete and plays hard. I don’t see him as a Steelers’ type of guy however. The accuracy just isn’t there and in the Todd Haley offense QBs have to be able to get rid of the ball quickly and on target and I don’t see that. I appreciate that he has the ‘Ben Roethlisberger-type’ mentality where he doesn’t quit on a play but he doesn’t have the arm strength needed to make those types of plays. The back-foot throws are a major concern for me. As I said, there’s a lot to like but I’m not gaga the way some are. If Peterman were still there in the sixth or seventh round I could see it but he’ll go somewhere before then.

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Photo courtesy: Cardiac Hill

Video Courtesy: Draftbreakdown.com/youtube.com

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