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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters

SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Moving Forward” Edition

Happy hump day Steelers’ Fans and please, don’t take that literally some of you!

As I write, it looks very much like Dont’a Hightower will either take the New York Jets huge offer or he’ll return to the Patriots. Is there still a chance he chooses the Steelers? Yes, there is but from everything I can gather, it isn’t happening. I appreciate the Steelers’ effort to bring in a high-profile defender but they are sticking to their guns in terms of what they are willing to pay. It happened with Dre Kirkpatrick and it certainly happened with Davon House (more on this below), and it appears to have happened with Hightower. It’s now time for the Steelers to keep moving forward because there are still holes to fill via free agency.

In what can only be described as one of the more ‘unethical’ moves, House was in the Steelers’ facility when he accepted the offer from the Packers. He and his agent pretty much showed up to see what kind of offer the Steelers were going to make and while proper decorum probably states that you should remove yourself from the presence of a potential employer when taking an offer from another, House chose not to. I’m not sure I like the Packers’ role in this either. It sets a bad precedent and just doesn’t look good.

I don’t know much about this ‘Lavar Ball guy’ but I’ve been around long to know that when you’re THIS involved in your children’s athletic career, it usually doesn’t end well. It also doesn’t help that you’re making statements about how great you were (not really) and how great your kids already are.

Tweet of the Day… Le’Veon Bell chimes in on Mr. Ball.

ICYMI: Former Steelers’ first round pick Jarvis Jones is off to Arizona. He signed a free agent deal with them yesterday. I thought a tweet by Mark Kaboly of DK on Pittsburgh Sports summed up Jones’ perfectly. Kaboly said that Jones was one of the most down-to-Earth guys he’s dealt with… That was kind of the problem with Jones. Rarely had any fire. I’d rather my defenders were a little edgy versus ‘down-to-Earth.’

Justin Hunter continues to be a possibility for the Steelers. We are now a full year since Martavis Bryant was banned so the team feels like they need insurance in the form of a fast, tall receiver. Hunter is a far cry from Bryant however. Very far….

One final thought… I’ve never envisioned SCB as a ‘breaking news’ site. I’d rather me and my crew focus on our lives first and foremost and then offer opinions and analysis of what the Steelers do. Part of that rationale is that I want to make sure things are correct too. Already this offseason, I’ve seen numerous reports from other sites that are in fact ‘not true.’ If that’s what you gotta do then be my guest but it isn’t happening here.

Have a great Wednesday Steeler Nation!

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