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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters

SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “December Gauntlet” Edition

Good day Steelers’ fans and happy Friday!

The schedule is set for our Steelers and while the strength of schedule isn’t very difficult, the powers that be have decided to load us up on the big boys in the month of December. You’ll note in the graphic below that the Steelers will host Green Bay on November 26th, play at Cincinnati, are home to the Ravens and Patriots and then must play at Houston on Christmas Day. The good news is that much can happen between now and then and the better news is that this is typically when the Steelers play their best football under Mike Tomlin. Either way, that’s a gauntlet in December the Steelers must navigate successfully.

I’m not crazy about the Christmas Day game for the second straight year. I think it’s unfortunate for the players and a tad disrespectful for the Steelers and their organization to have to do this for a second straight year. Let me be honest however; this is about ratings, plain and simple.

I see no reason this team can’t start the season at an absolute worst 4-2. I realize they don’t play games on paper but this seems pretty accurate to me. If this team is as good as we expect it to be then it should start the season strong.

PLEASE give the Steel City Blitz Podcast a listen from last night. We had two incredible interviews. Del Reid, who helped found Bills Mafia and more importantly, 26shirts.com joined us. When he finished, Jackson State Linebacker Javancy Jones joined us. What a terrific young man this guy is!

Tweet (#2) of the Day… Congrats to the Pens indeed!

I’m no hockey expert but they can’t give up that many shots and expect to get back to the Finals.

What a weird stat I saw about the Pirates. They either ‘swept’ or were ‘swept in each of their first five series to start the year. How often does that happen?

One week from today we will be over-analyzing the heck out of the Steelers’ first round pick. Or maybe we’ll be talking about them trading down. Or maybe they will have traded up…. Ya, that’s the draft for you.

Have a great weekend Steeler Nation!

SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Pick Your Game” Edition

SCB Steelers Quick Hitters

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