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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters

SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “What’s an Instagram Model” Edition

Good Tuesday to you fine Steelers’ Fans out there!

I’m assuming by now you’ve seen or heard that Antonio Brown is in the news again and while he won’t be fined or suspended for this latest transgression, it isn’t a good look for a guy who does a lot of talking about doing things the right way. As first reported by blacksportsonline.com, the woman who had two of AB’s kids and has a third on the way, took to Instagram to fire away at the all-pro receiver. Apparently he has been with another woman, an Instagram model named Jena, in some compromising positions. First of all, I really didn’t know that such a thing as an “Instagram Model” existed but anyway… For a guy who talks about ‘chest up, eyes up’ and so on, the example isn’t a great one. Moving on…

The 11th Episode of the Steel City Blitz Podcast was last night. We talked much more in-depth on quarterbacks and running backs in the draft. We’ll have another show on Thursday at 10pm.

It should have come as no surprise that yesterday in Pittsburgh the weather was beautiful. The public memorial for Dan Rooney was held at Heinz Field and the sun shone brightly. No doubt Mr. Rooney gazing down from above right?

Tweet of the Day… Le’Veon Bell ran a very important poll yesterday….

The NFL schedule is still on track for a Thursday release… I’m hoping the Steelers do not open at home with a divisional opponent. Not holding my breath however. One thing is for sure, I feel very confident that the Steelers will not be playing on a holiday in 2017. They played on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day in the 2016 season.

Reminder that this is the design for our Dan Rooney commemorative decal.  As soon as the decals are done I’ll let you know how to get one.







Two months ago I was convinced the Steelers were going to go EDGE/CB in rounds one and two in this draft. With nine days to go I’m far less committed to that. The draft can take so many twists and turns that it makes it difficult to truly project who is there and who isn’t. Plus, the Steelers may feel their needs are at different positions from what the larger population thinks. Stay tuned.

Have a great Tuesday Steeler Nation!