SCB Steelers’ Draft Journal: Chris Wormley

We continue our Draft Journal with a look at another guy from the University of Michigan who could provide the Steelers with some much-needed depth on the defensive front.

Chris Wormley, Michigan

6’5″ 297 pounds

What’s to Like: Pretty good athlete for a man his size… Has good instincts and is a very disciplined player which allows him to anchor the back-side quite well… High-quality ‘finisher’ meaning when gets to the ball carrier he doesn’t miss… Can’t complain about how thick he is; solid looking football player… Sets the edge better than I first thought using his arms and technique… Played both sides of the line equally well… When he went inside he had great success against Florida State.

What’s Concerning: He’s a good athlete for his size but there’s no “flash…” Lacks any type of a quick first step… Often second or third to the QB on the pass rush… Doesn’t shed blockers nearly fast enough for my liking; Stalemates a lot but takes too long to gain upper-hand… I would not picture him as a potential edge rusher… Kind of one-dimensional in terms of pass rush preferring strength versus anything else… I’m not real sure he has enough in his toolbox to make an immediate impact.

The Verdict: Wormley strikes me as a guy who could provide immediate depth along the defensive line. While he played outside the tackle often, he appears to be a true 5-tech who found some success when kicked down inside. Any idea that he could be an edge rusher should be dismissed. He doesn’t possess the speed or the quick burst necessary to rush the passer or drop into coverage. Was an excellent compliment to the more athletic and faster Taco Charlton. That illustrates that he could be a solid ‘Robin’ to someone else’s ‘Batman.’

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