Player Spotlight

Steelers Re-signing of Keisel is Not a Good Sign

Normally when news breaks from the Steel City I immediately sit down and start writing my opinion of said news. Today I tried a different tactic. When the Pittsburgh Steelers announced that they had re-signed 12-year veteran Brett Keisel I … read more

Too Many Linebackers is Usually a Good Problem to Have for the Steelers

There’s no question that when Chris and I discussed our first version of the Steelers’ 53-man roster the linebacker position is the one we stressed over the most. Frankly, for a team that runs a 3-4, it’s a good problem … read more

Steelers’ Depth Chart Reveals a Few Small Surprises

When coaches around the National Football League reveal their depth charts in training camp, there are usually two purposes involved; first is to go ahead and eliminate the obvious and the second is to motivate certain players. It appears Mike … read more