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SCB Steelers Quick Hitters

SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Grading Players Rant” Edition

Happy Hump Day Steelers’ Fans!

I’ve probably ranted on this before but it may have been awhile so here goes… I understand the draw that sites like Pro Football Focus have for many fans of the National Football League but I think some perspective is needed here. PFF quite often offers mid-game grades on players and this irritates more than anything they do. Why? Because there is no way that someone sitting in front of a television can know what said player’s assignment was on each and every play. There could have been an audible by the QB. There could have been a change made by the center. A defensive player stemming or re-positioning himself could have altered the assignment at the last second. What I’m getting it is that there are too many factors that go on in games for anyone not knowing exactly what the team is doing each play to offer a ‘grade.’ Educated and knowledgeable football fans know better which is why it’s insulting that NBC now offers “PFF rankings” on their telecasts. OK, I’m done for now.

Tweet of the Day #1… This is what I’m talking about and from a respected source.

Since the Steelers departed for the summer from mini-camp, there has been nothing newsworthy on the contractual front. I’m really starting to wonder if Alejandro Villanueva isn’t making a huge mistake. The two sides were as much as $13 million apart when last we heard anything and I don’t see the Steelers budging. Why? Because they don’t have to.

Tweet of the Day #2… Big Ben and Company

I know this will break lots of hearts but I still wish the Steelers had taken Marlon Mack or Samaje Perine rather than James Conner. I’ll gladly eat those words if necessary.

Don’t forget the Steel City Blitz Podcast Presented by Thursday night at 10pm ET. We’ll be discussing Le’Veon Bell and much more.

I keep getting this feeling that Vince Williams is going to have a terrific season in 2017.

Have a great Wednesday Steeler Nation!


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