Steel City Blitz Podcast Episode 17 Presented by

Tonight on the show I was joined by my usual partners in crime Cnic and Ben. The main topic on the podcast was the ‘state of the secondary.’ Did the Steelers do enough in free agency and the draft to make it better? How much can the rookies be relied upon?

We also discussed the start of the Steelers’ Rookie Minicamp which gets underway on Friday. As always, the show is presented by our fantastic sponsor

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3 comments on “Steel City Blitz Podcast Episode 17 Presented by

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  2. I agree with most everything you guys say except building a team to beat the Patriots. Only fools kick a rock so many times before they figure out it ain’t moving that way.Please don’t make me say the definition for insanity. Ok how much better do you expect to get playing off there receivers don’t blitz and let Brady pick you to pieces.My opinion is it’s all about beating the Patriots, and if you do get that good well who else is in your way.

    • What I’ve learned is that when you so heavily focus on beating one opponent is that you lose focus on others. I agree, if the Steelers are going to get back to the Super Bowl they have to go though the Patriots. I just think it’s dangerous to put all the eggs in one basket.

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