Grading Out the Steelers Selections: Day 3

The 2017 NFL Draft has officially come to an end. We can all stop worrying about who the Steelers will select and now start to worry why the Steelers took a long snapper in the sixth round. Just kidding. Now we wonder how and where each new addition grades out. I have watched a ton of film on a many prospects, but some I have not. If I haven’t evaluated a prospect the Steelers have drafted, I will then familiarize myself with them. Then I will determine where they fit in. After that, I will offer up a grade for the pick.

4th Round Pick: Joshua Dobbs, Quarterback, Tennessee

Arm Strength: B-
Athletic Ability: A-
Accuracy: B-
Football IQ: A++
Decision Making: B+

My opinion of the pick: I was not happy with this pick. Nothing against Dobbs, I just dont see the reason to spend a 4th round pick on a career backup. Dobbs is highly intelligent, athletic and a leader. His intangibles make this selection less, for a lack of a better term, crappy. Fourth round picks should be able to see the field, take snaps, and make an impact. I don’t see how Dobbs will be able to do that anytime soon.

Overall grade: C+
My grade: C

5th Round Pick: Brian Allen, Cornerback, Utah

Experience: C-
Tackling: B-
Size: A+
Ball Skills: A+
Technique: B
Football IQ: B

Where does he fit?: He will play outside cornerback, but I would not rule out a try at free safety.

My opinion of the pick: I loved this pick, for many reasons. He has the size needed to play press and to compete with the AJ Green’s of the league. Being a convert from wide receiver, he brings over from that his ball skills and wide receiver pattern reads. Allen thinks he needs work on tackling, and I’d agree, but he is very aggressive in this area. Very very raw prospect who has tremendous upside.

Overall grade: B
My grade: B+

6th Round Pick: Colin Holba, Long Snapper, Louisville

I admittedly did not watch any of his film and to be quite honest I don’t intend to. If he can be consistent and reliable, I can come around to this pick as being okay. He needs to be the starting long snapper from here on out for this pick to be anything of relevance aside from a botched pick.

Where does he fit?: As the lone survivor or on another team.

Overall grade: D- (if he does not beat out Warren, and is cut)
                        : C+ (if he makes this team and is the starter)

My grade: same as overall grade.

7th Round Pick: Keion Adams, LB/EDGE, Western Michigan

Pass rush: A
Run support: C+
Coverage: C+
Pursuit: B+

Where does he fit?: Adams is going to have to beat out Anthony Chickillo or Arthur Moats for a spot on the roster. He may end up on the practice squad.

My opinion of the pick: I liked this selection a lot. I’ve been saying the Steelers should double dip at edge. Adams is an undersized guy, but has functional strength and is very athletic. He was the best pass rusher in the MAC. He has diversity in his pass rushing moves and his inside dip is special. At minimum, he should land on the practice squad.

Overall grade: B+
My grade: A-

Day 1 and 2’s grades can be seen here.




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