“Unpredictable” a Key Buzzword for Tomlin & Colbert in Presser

Pittsburgh Steelers’ General Manager Kevin Colbert and Head Coach Mike Tomlin spoke to the press today in their only public comments prior to the 2017 NFL Draft. As is the case each year at this time, neither man said anything that could be deemed “surprising” or “concrete” but they did admit this is one of the more unpredictable drafts in recent years.

Colbert said the team will run through a mock draft of their own on Wednesday night and then will do the same prior to days two and three. He was also clear that he expects quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to be around for several more years but he did admit that selecting a quarterback in this draft is a real possibility. He cited examples like Joe Montana giving way to Steve Young and Brett Favre giving way to Aaron Rodgers. In his mind, that would be the ideal situation.

He also stated that quarterback and edge rusher, because of their importance in what the Steelers’ do, are the two positions they spend the most time on in terms of prepping for the draft. Colbert also stated that they will not view the quarterback situation as one where the team waits to see who comes out in 2018 stating that “who comes out and who doesn’t makes things too uncertain.”

Tomlin made an excellent point about how things have changed in his 10 plus years as the head coach when it come to the draft. “Video is the biggest thing. Easily accessible and it travels with you. You can take it home now,” he said. Tomlin also went on to say that he handles the anxiety of the draft better with each year but admitted there are butterflies and there should be.

Colbert had very interesting comments on Senquez Golson. “Last year at this time I viewed him as an extra pick and I can’t do that this year. There are now two injuries we have to be concerned about and missing two seasons is very difficult to recover from.”

Using the term “unpredictable” isn’t exactly a shocking one because every draft has its’ own air of unpredictability but because there are few “superstars” in this draft, it creates doubt as to where and when guys will go. The almost 40 minute presser shared many thoughts but revealed few answers which again leaves things as ‘unpredictable’ as ever.


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