Steelers are Moving Forward With or Without Bryant

That giant middle finger coming from Roger Goodell towards the Pittsburgh Steelers over the status of Martavis Bryant bothers the fans way more than it does the Steelers themselves. From what I’ve been told, the Steelers are approaching this draft the same whether Bryant is reinstated in the next 72 hours or if he’s reinstated in July.

What that means is this; the Pittsburgh Steelers are taking a wide receiver in the 2017 Draft whether you like it or not.

It’s apparent to me that the Steelers have little to no faith in the Clemson product who missed all of last season because numerous violations related to the league’s substance abuse policy. Kevin Colbert and company knew Bryant had issues at Clemson and unfortunately they followed him into the professional ranks.

What can’t be denied is the unbelievable talent that Bryant possess. The problem is that it doesn’t matter how much ability Bryant has, if he can’t be on the field he is of no use to the Steelers.

One of the things I talk about a lot is ‘due diligence’ as it pertains to this organization’s approach to the draft. Because Bryant’s status is so fragile and because Sammie Coates himself is such a question mark, the Steelers have to check every box when it comes to potential wide receivers.

Fans have to take their blinders off and look at things from the standpoint of the franchise. You just can’t rely on the unreliable so making sure you have a ‘plan B’ is of paramount importance. As much as I criticize Colbert he should be commended for not waiting around for Bryant to be reinstated.

Even if he is, there is no guarantee how long he can stay out of trouble. Colbert and the Steelers know that better than any of us do.

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