Steel City Blitz Podcast Episode 10

The Steel City Blitz Podcast sponsored by BodyTech Gym in North Hills Pittsburgh was back on the air this evening. Obviously we spent the opening discussing the passing of Steelers’ Chairman Dan Rooney. From there, we discussed quarterbacks in the upcoming draft and who if any would fit with the Steelers.

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2 comments on “Steel City Blitz Podcast Episode 10

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  2. Nice podcast, You were spot on with Donnie Shell, I am very confused why he isn’t in the HOF. He was one of the best form tacklers i have ever seen. I know well you can’t have too many Steelers but he was special.What was crazy back then, he had a hard time getting on the field because we had Glenn Edwards one of the best safeties in the league starting in front of him. What a special time growing up in Pittsburgh and sneaking into games and watching that great team play.

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