SCB Steelers Quick Hitters

SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Free Agent Frenzy” Edition

Good Thursday to you Steelers’ Fans!

The “legal tampering” period ends today at 4pm which means all unrestricted free agents can start signing deals with new or in a few rare cases, their original teams. As I say every time this time of year, do not expect the Steelers to be major players. There will be phone calls made just to gauge interest from players who will demand way too much. But that’s due diligence and sometimes you find a guy who is willing to play for a little less money for the opportunity at a championship. I expect the Steelers to be slightly more active than in recent years due to some extra cap space but outside of that, it’ll be status quo. Either way, the free agent frenzy begins today.

I’m told the Steelers and Dre Kirkpatrick are closer to a deal than many would have expected. That doesn’t mean it will happen but it at least sounds like he’s interested in being here. If the Steelers go past $7 million per season (and frankly that’s too high in my opinion) then they are nuts.

Keep an eye this week on not who the Steelers sign but perhaps who they may let go. I’ve been hearing some things let say that.

We does the media spend so much time talking about Tony Romo? As a person, I like Romo. He’s a good, down-to-earth guy but he’s won two career playoff games and he’s one decent hit from seeing his career end. Must be because he’s a Cowboy.

Tweet of the Day… DWill winning parenting.

If you have children, you’ve been there before.

Looking at what quarterbacks are getting right now has me seriously wondering if Landry Jones won’t be too expensive to keep. Matt Schaub is getting $9 million over two years… Ugh.

Lawrence Timmons is in Miami to visit with the Dolphins. I would not be surprised if he signed there. He’s from Florida and they will likely give him more money. I have to believe Miami knows he’s not a three-down backer anymore but they might want his leadership and experience. I’m guessing if he signs it will be in the $6 mill per season area.

For those that thought Pierre Garcon would be a good fit…. He will make $16 million in his first year in San Francisco. Shall I go on?

Have a great Thursday Steeler Nation!!



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