SCB Steelers Quick Hitters

SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Making Some Sense” Edition

Happy Hump Day Steeler Fans!

The last thing I’m going to do is claim I’m good at understanding everything there is to know about NFL contracts. That’s why I’m at least smart enough to have people around me who DO have a grasp on this stuff. SCB Contributor Ben Anderson laid it out on Antonio Brown’s contract yesterday and today he’s again pointing out some other very important points that many don’t understand.

There were two items discussed on social media yesterday that didn’t add up. Ben helped make some sense of what we should know.

Myth #1. Omar Khan delivered the Steelers from Salary Cap Hell.
Nonsense. Time and a few good drafts did it. Having seven defensive and three offensive starters still playing on rookie deals, along with old contracts for players who have aged out and dead money for overpaid players who were cut, being off the books did it. That along with steady increases in the salary cap.

People need to do their homework before they make a claim like that. The Steelers are 20th in cap space right now. It’s not as if Kevin Colbert and Khan are doing a better job of managing the cap than most of the league, or that they have any inclination to do so.

Myth #2. AB’s deal & Bell being given the Franchise Tag is a message to Ben that “we’re not done yet.”
Given that Ben Roethlisberger’s gripes had nothing at all to do with how much the team was willing to invest in it’s own players, but everything to do with the maturity level of a handful of key teammates: guys who coaches point to as a work ethic to aspire toward; what do Bell or Brown’s deals have to do with Ben’s gripe?

If anything, Ben might now be concerned that Brown is going to be more entitled as a result of this deal. Brown has his big contract. Will he mature as a person and player or will he become an even bigger headache? We all await an answer to that question.
As for the contention that the Steelers have mortgaged the future with Brown’s deal and Bell’s on the way. I dispelled that notion today by explaining the structure of Brown’s deal. You can bet that Bell’s will be even easier to terminate from a financial standpoint.

Tweet of the Day… A picture is worth millions of words.

Cnic laid out all of the ‘important NFL dates‘ last night.

Speaking of Cnic…. He and I will be joined by Ben for the SCB Podcast Thursday night at 9pm ET on

Look for Steelers’ GM Kevin Colbert to speak from the NFL Combine today around 10:45am ET. 

Ever since the blogging community grew around the Steelers, beat writers and local columnists have, by and large, hated us. There have been some, like Dejan Kovacevic who back in his Trib days was always willing to chat with me. Now I’ve started to see these same guys do something they used to bitch about. They write things not to inform, but to ‘get clicks.’ Look around the various outlets this week in light of the big news with Brown and Bell and you’ll see what I’m talking about. 

Have a great day Steeler Nation!



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