SCB Steelers Quick Hitters

SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Peezy Holds Court” Edition

Happy hump day Steelers’ Fans!

Pittsburgh Steelers’ Outside Linebackers’ Coach Joey Porter was in court yesterday. This was due to his altercation on the evening of the team’s Wild-Card Game victory over the Miami Dolphins. You can read Ben Anderson’s take on this here. Without giving away too much information, I have to think Porter is facing discipline from both the Steelers and the National Football League. While Porter was suspended for a brief time by the organization, more punishment could be coming. All that aside, one of my offseason predictions was that Porter would be relieved of his duties period. I haven’t wavered in that belief.

Our latest Draft Journals were published last night. They cover Michigan’s Taco Charlton, Washington’s Budda Baker and Pitt’s Ejaun Price.

Good stuff from the tireless Teresa Varley at She interviews Steelers’ tackle Jerald Hawkins and he’s pretty candid about spending his rookie season on IR.

 I do not know everything. I will never claim to know everything either. Someone called my recent article on the Steelers’ and Lawrence Timmons “useless” because “teams can’t talk to free agents right now anyway.” Technically, Timmons is not a free agent until March 9th so he is still a Steeler. Secondly, to suggest teams aren’t talking to players (largely thru agents) right now is ignorant thinking. It happens all the time and to think otherwise is ignoring the obvious. No, I don’t know everything but I don’t put out “useless” articles either.

Tweet of the Day… Pretty impressive numbers all in the name helping kids!

In case you missed it…. The Steelers have signed a kicker and long snapper. I see neither as actual competition for Chris Boswell nor long-time vet Greg Warren. What you have to understand is that the offseason and especially training camp can be brutal on these positions if you’re the only ones in camp. Teams don’t want to wear them out before the season actually starts. Plus, it’s good to have guys you’re familiar with in case someone gets injured.

No, I do not want Martellus Bennett. He’s a very nice tight end but he was much more productive when Rob Gronkowski was playing. 

Very sad to hear this… If you’ve ever shopped on the Strip the you know the Mike Feinberg Co. Party Store. The family business will be closing its’ doors in April.

Have a great day Steeler Nation!



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