SCB Steelers’ Draft Journal: Edge Charles Harris

This is our third edge rusher as we continue previewing possible targets for the Steelers in the upcoming draft.

Charles Harris, Missouri

6’3″ 253 pounds

What’s To Like: He’s got some serious burst coming off the edge especially when he’s outside the tackle or tight end. Blockers had a difficult time with that speed… He has a decent array of moves but will need to develop more… Athleticism is really impressive, former basketball player who just started playing football late in high school… You see the agility when he drops and when he has to cover a lot of ground… I wouldn’t say he’s a ‘high motor’ type guy but he plays with good energy… Closes pretty well from the back-side… Despite playing for a pretty bad Missouri team he still recorded nine sacks and 12 tackles for loss.

What’s Concerning: Spent most of his time on the right side and the majority of that time in a three or even four-point stance… Biggest red flag for me was inability to consistently set the edge… Gets his shoulders turned way too much for my liking… Not overly impressed with his pursuit enthusiasm, seems to give up on plays way too fast… Doesn’t get off blocks well… Has some decent hand usage but that has to get significantly better… Lacks ‘killer-instinct.’

The Verdict: Cannot deny the athleticism of Harris or his first step quickness. He’s going to have to add weight, perhaps 20-25 pounds if he is going to play a 3-4 outside linebacker in the Steelers’ system. However, with all of the nickel and dime packages the Steelers use, perhaps a guy who is a little lighter and faster might be what the doctor ordered. That said, my biggest concern is that he struggles to get off blocks. He appears to ‘ride’ them rather than get rid of them and that hinders his ability and usefulness. It also makes me question his overall aggression as a perimeter defender and pass rusher. I admit, the athletic ability he has combined with coaching could bring a very good player. I’m just not sure the Steelers can afford to wait for that development.

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