SCB Steelers Quick Hitters

SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “Where Do We Stand” Edition

TGIF Steelers’ Fans!

Steelers’ GM Kevin Colbert spoke to a select group of beat writers yesterday and for all that he said there was very little surprising. I’ll be honest that I was a little more concerned about how flippant Colbert was about Ben Roethlisberger. While it is still VERY early, I would have thought Colbert and company would have had a little more of a plan should Big Ben actually retire. Don’t get me wrong, I have every confidence that he’ll play in 2017 but Colbert didn’t exude a lot of confidence.

At about 9pm last night, Dale Lolley of the Observer-Reporter and Steelers Nation Radio reported that the Steelers and Brown’s agents were “closing in” on a deal. Frankly, that can mean anything. It could be done today it could be done in July….

I also saw a report that Alejandro Villanueva had signed a long-term deal but that isn’t accurate either. Are they working on it? Maybe, but it isn’t done yet according to what I’ve been told and furthermore, Villy is an Exclusive Rights Free Agent. That means he either stays with the Steelers or doesn’t play football. What I can confirm is that the team and Lawrence Timmons are pretty far apart. It’s early so I’m not overly concerned. 

We started our Draft Journals today with a look at UCLA edge rusher Takkarist McKinley

Tweet of the Day… Hilarious

ICYMI: Cnic and I covered several things in the SCB podcast Wednesday night

Steelers’ legends Mel Blount and Rocky Bleier were honored this week at the Annual Dapper Dan Dinner and Sports Auction. 

Chris had this write-up today on the Steelers’ wide receiver approach for the draft.

Still no word on the ‘tag’ for Le’Veon Bell. As is usually the case, teams often play a game of chicken to see who starts “tagging their guy first” so I expect it to come in the next week or so.

Have a great weekend Steeler Nation!



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