SCB Steelers’ Quick Hitters: The “On the Edge” Edition

Happy Hump Day Steelers’ Fans. 

Yesterday was quite a day in the Steeler Nation. From more Antonio Brown stuff to Mike Tomlin’s year-end press conference there were no shortage of stories. Oh, did I mention Ben Roethlisberger has everyone on the edge of a cliff waiting to jump? Here’s a take on the salary ramifications should he actually retire. And here’s another asking everyone to chill

As I’ve said, I’m not surprised by Roethlisberger’s comments. He looked frustrated and almost unhappy at times this year. I think it has been a trying year for him and it certainly didn’t end how he hoped. Give him some time. He’ll be back in 2017. 

The mock drafts are already out. NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah has the Steelers taking Alabama tight end O.J. Howard at number 30. Personally I don’t see him being there that late in the round. 

I think Steelers’ wide receivers’ coach Richard Mann may be retiring. With Martavis Bryant likely returning, that’s a key loss. Mann has been tremendous at developing these young guys. Would love it if he can stick around another year or two. 

Tweet of the Day… I don’t think he’s wrong.

I’m confused by people trying to defend Mike Mitchell on the flea-flicker which resulted in an easy touchdown for the Patriots. He got burnt. That’s all there is to it. He’s an aggressive guy who looks to make big hits and he saw an opportunity when Dion Lewis got the ball. He over-committed, it happens, but stop trying to make excuses for him. 

I’ll have my ‘five offseason predictions’ piece coming soon. I usually nail one or two of the five. One of them this year will involve a somewhat surprising retirement.

Understanding the NFL salary cap is not easy. I don’t get much of it to be honest other than the basics. Therefore, I tend to listen to those who do really understand all that goes into it. So when the Big Ben retirement talk started, some of the numbers I saw people throwing around weren’t just wrong, they were REALLY wrong. Fans already tend to be sheep when it comes to certain movements, the salary cap stuff is no different. Our contributor Ben Anderson gets it as well as anyone I know and really, that’s the only reason we keep him around. 

That was a joke.

Glad to hear Ryan Shazier is off to the Pro Bowl. Well deserved. Please come back healthy.

Have a great day Steeler Nation!



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